Paid Announcement: Speed of Trust by Stephen Covey

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My friend Liz from sent me this book and I was supposed to do a review on November 30th that goes here. I didn’t have the time to read it but here are some notes:

The SPEED of Trust: The One Thing that Changes Everything

1- I did not get a chance to do a review of the book since two are in the queue before it.

2- I don’t like that the son of Stephen Covey uses his father’s name to “confuse” people. His father wrote one of my all time fav books, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

3- I am writing about Gabe Rivera right now and am extremely excited to post about him tomorrow.

4- As always, I love receiving, writing and distributing free things. I gave this book away to a friend in need.

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9 responses to “Paid Announcement: Speed of Trust by Stephen Covey

  1. David Reply

    I have read this book. It was life altering and fantastic. Having read the 7 Habits, I liked this one better, it had a more profound impact, at the same time it also validated the 7 Habits further without treading on the same content. (7 Habits also had a very profound impact on me. And come on, what’s the guy supposed to do? Put his name down as “Stephen M. R. Covey (I’m the son of that guy who wrote the 7 Habits, I promise I’m not trying to ride on his reputation, please by my book!)”

    On their website and all of the marketing stuff and everything I’ve seen on Stephen M. R. Covey their organization has done a great job at putting something on it to show that he’s not his dad or the author of the 7 habits. I commend them for their honesty. Besides, look up his bio, he’s done plenty of things to establish his own credibility. He’s a Harvard MBA, when he took over his dad’s company he doubled revenues and increased profits by 12 times making it a 112 million dollar company. That is no small task.

    I also saw the SPEED of Trust on, and if your “friend” Liz sent it to you to review it, I imagine that she trusts your opinion and trusted that by sending it to you, you would get the job done. You didn’t deliver, you gave it away. That doesn’t build trust. Instead, without reading the book, you irresponsibly make assumptions that someone is intentionally confusing (or deceiving) people because he didn’t change his name. That’s absurd. You don’t pass character judgements on people without knowing anything about them. THAT is “misleading” to people who read your site and trust your opinion. It would have been sufficient to say that you didn’t have time to read the book because of others you were doing, but to add in some snide, blind comment about someone’s intent seriously lacks dignity and poise (not to mention deminishes your credibility).

    Read the forward by Dr. Stephen R. Covey (who you apparently see as credible being that he wrote one of your “all time fav books”) or at least some of the endorsements by recognized professionals who actually read the book, THEN, please post what you thought of the book, positive or negative, at least then it will be an informed opinion. I’d be glad to send you another copy, email me your address.

  2. Noah Kagan Reply


    Thank you for the lengthy response. I think you are right and I should have handled this book review a little bit better. I pushed it out like this because Liz wanted it by a certain date and I was unable to do that. Please send me another copy and I will give it a more thorough review.


  3. Greg Link Reply

    David, thank you for your fair assessment of our dilemna. I am Stephen M. R. Covey’s business partner and also work with his father Dr. Stephen R. Covey and have for the last 20 years. I assure everyone our intent was to make it crystal clear that they are two distinct individuals by asking Dr. Covey to write the forward to his son’s book.

    Noah thanks for stepping up and giving us a fair shake. I also acknowledge you for not making excuses but you acknowledged it and are dealing with it. Thank you