How to Spam a Blogger

November 30, 2006 - Get free updates of new posts here

I was considering titling this “How to Spam a Blogger” instead of “How to Get Free Stuff for Blogging,” actually I will title it that 😉

Okay, now you are wondering what this is a about. Lately, I have been very lucky that people think I have an influential opinion and want to give me things so I will talk about them. One blogger recently got an Aston Martin for a day. Scoble wants to chat with Steve Jobs and I hope he gets that too. I did when I worked at Intel and saw him in the parking lot 😉

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How to Contact Bloggers

What’s this all about Noah? This post is how to send a blogger a “pitch”, free stuff or get them to write about your product. I LOVE getting free things and WILL always write about it if you send them to me. Here’s how to write a good, solid cold email that gets results.

I will always disclose that if someone sent me something free and then:
a) Give your product away to my readers
b) Write an honest review about your service which you may not like.

Here is my suggestion on how to get a reasonably popular blogger to listen to you and maybe talk about your post. It’s similar to my post about “What have you done for me lately?“:

1- Read at least 3 articles on the blogger’s site.
2- If they have an about page make sure to read it.
3- Create an excel sheet:
a) blogger’s site name
b) blogger’s name
c) a snippet about a recent post by the blogger
d) something you can relate to personally to the blogger
4- Do Mailmerge. I can’t stand getting a generic email from people asking me for things.
5- Track the dates and follow up with people.
6- Here is the generic email template to use to contact bloggers:

Hey (blogger ‘s name),

I really (verb) your (site name) and have been reading it for (period of time). I really enjoyed (reference post) last week and definitely agree with you. I noticed we are both (insert relevance piece). I am working with (company name) and they made this (adjective) (product /service name) which I thought you may be interested in. I know getting unsolicited email really sucks and I am sorry to annoy you I just thought you may want to know. Check it out and let me know what you think about it.

(Your Name)

Ideally, you have a relationship with the right bloggers (in a relevant industry) because of time and make it a mutually beneficial relationship (you send them cool stories and they maybe help you one day). However, I am not saying using this strategy will get you talked about but it will make it more likely. The ultimate strategy is getting involved in the conversation, care about the industry, comment on other blogs, send useful articles to different people and people will want to write about things you have to say.

Now on to the free stuff for you. I received a new Dragon naturally speaking software V9 created by Nuance. Here is my assumption on what the company was thinking:

CEO: ” I read about blogging in the Wall Street Journal and we must get them those damn bloggers”
VP of Marketing: “Yes boss. I heard of this spectacular site called digg and know a great pr agency who can get us some great blog press.”
CEO: “Go do it Thompson”
VP of Marketing: “Yes Sir” and now the VP of Marketing thinks back to which friend he knows who has heard of blogs.

Anyways, the pr firm that emailed me said I just have to post this link. Done. Click it if you want to learn more.

1 random commenters will get their own $99 version of the software. Dragon is speech recognition software so when you speak into a microphone it types it out for you.

Great work Thompson!


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11 responses to “How to Spam a Blogger

  1. Nedra Weinreich Reply

    Cool – Mad Libs for PR Hounds! If my son were playing it, he’d fill it in with all kinds of potty humor.

    I also enjoy getting free stuff for review, though it’s mostly books and such. I figure it’s one of the perks of being a blogger writing for free. The social causes and other organizations trying to get me to write about them don’t generally have as much money as the tech companies, so I don’t get cool things like software. I agree with you on the personalization in the email being critical — if I feel like the person doing the pitching doesn’t have a clue about who I am or what I write about, they definitely get ignored. But if they establish at least a semblance of a relationship through common interests or intelligent comments on something I’ve written, I will be more likely to listen to what they have to say and write about them.

  2. Joe Suh Reply

    Hey Noah,

    I really enjoy your and have been reading it for 4 months. I really enjoyed the book review last week and definitely agree with you. I noticed we are both male. I am working with and they made this awesome golf driver which I thought you may be interested in. I know getting unsolicited email really sucks and I am sorry to annoy you I just thought you may want to know. Check it out and let me know what you think about it.


    🙂 In all seriousness, good tactical advice. I hate “pitching” to a blogger, but its a skill that needs to be learned by marketers

  3. Berry Reply

    I’ve been thinking, “How can I make a V-Log, while at the same time WRITING a regular blog or at least be able to tell my hearing impaired viewers to “Click here to read the transcript of this video blog.”

    I bet this Naturally Speakig software offers me a solution for my problem!

  4. Noah Mittman Reply

    A little off topic, but a lot of vlogs have been complaining about not getting products for review, etc., but I think your two points are critical — so go give Kevin and Alex @ Diggnation some pointers, because it’s almost every episode they are complaining about how no one sends them products to review, but IMHO it’s painfully obvious why they don’t — it’s because they dogpile opinions on products without drawing a complete picture, positive or negative, and set themselves up as “the guys who will only fully talk about the stuff they personally like.”

  5. Noah Kagan Reply

    I think the problem I face along with other people interested in marketing is we are impatient. We want immediate results, immediate feedback and other quick fixes. This goes along with most of the USA who want surgeries for losing weight, etc…

    Ramit told me something smart a few months ago about marketing months before you need it….

  6. Nedra Weinreich Reply

    Very cool! Thanks, Noah. I have a friend with a learning disability who is trying to get her nonprofit off the ground and this could be a lifesaver for her! She can speak her thoughts coherently, but when she tries to type up an email or report, her fingers do not translate well from her brain to the computer.