Prolution Updates

November 29, 2006 - Get free updates of new posts here

A few weeks ago I proposed that we all do some goals by the end of the year. My goals were:

1- Lose 10 pounds
2- Get 1 new client

Your goals included:

1- Dmitry – figure a better way to manage his life and get the foundation laid out for the startup he is working on.
2- Jon – close first round of funding and qualify for the Boston Marathon.
3- Sian – be 180 pounds and CCNA certified.
4- Wendy – stop eating burritos (I think this is a horrible idea).
5- Skip Tracer – get into sales and double traffic to his site.
6- Joe Suh – 10,000 members on
7- You: Feel free to leave a comment and I will add you to the next update. Putting things out in the open makes me more accountable and helps me follow through. Maybe it will help you as well.

My updates:

1- I signed up for the Napa Valley Marathon in March. I setup a schedule with my trainer and have been active on eating relatively more healthy and exercising almost every day.
2- I am working hard and following up with leads to close that one sale

How is everyone’s progress so far?

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18 responses to “Prolution Updates

  1. Joe Suh Reply

    What, you’re calling us out? 4200 members now, but Nov was a completely idle month of marketing. We’ve got an interesting distribution channel in Dec, plus back-to-the-grind marketing in Dec. I’ll check back in with you on 12/31 🙂

  2. Dimitry Reply

    Ah, I guess I’m halfway there. I’m much better about managing things in my life and find myself much more motivated than ever before.

    As to the startup… I first just want to finish this semester up. Schooling out of the way will make it much easier to move ahead with these plans.

    I would love to do a marathon! Keep us updated on how it goes.

  3. Sian Reply

    I didn’t want to be 180 pounds (I put that one when I pigged out when I was in China 3 months ago) but rather wanted to kick the 180 pounds. I am fortunate (really fortunate) to have a high metabolism so I am back to 160 pounds now through constant walking, weekly runs, and working. My CCNA plan has been solidified and I the schedule I have mapped out is realistic.

  4. Alaska Miller Reply

    I want to hand out 20 dollars to 10 people around down town.

    Then I want to hide away outside Silicon Valley to work on my startup.

  5. Jon Bischke Reply

    Marathon – Ask me around noon on Sunday when I’m wrapping up 26.2. 🙂

    Funding – Shifted gears a little bit and planning to launch a separate site/company for which I’m raising money for. Prolly won’t close by 12/31/06 but super excited about where we’re headed (as are our potential investors!).


  6. saving advice Reply

    Sitting down and figuring out short term and long term goals is so vitally important to success. It’s such a motivating factor even if you don’t always reach the goal. It also helps if you make the goals public because then you have to be somewhat accountable.

    I definitely need to get myself on an exercise program – I don’t care about the weight so much, but sitting in front of a computer all day is not good for my health – so that’s my goal. Get the routine started this month to include a break every hour for a least 5 minutes and outside to exercise at least 3 times a week.

    Well, announced it…better get to making it happen…

  7. Wendyness Reply

    I was doing really well with the “stop eating burritos” because I had switched to rolled tacos, then the other afternoon I was starving and a carne asada burrito sounded soooo good so I split one with my friend….

    So I’ll make excuses. I meant “stop eating burritos at night.” 🙂

  8. Joe Suh Reply

    Congrats on the weight loss! Would love to hear some of your learnings re: your former company sometime…

    We didn’t hit our membership goal, unfortunately. We ended the year just under 7000 users. We’ll get to 10K in a couple weeks – this time, for real 🙂

  9. Joe Suh Reply

    The campaign we’re currently doing (for which we know the expected return) is going to get us to the 10K – you know the campaign I’m talking about 😉 We should get there by Jan 30 – or else I owe you burrito+beer 🙂

  10. Jon Bischke Reply

    Congrats on your loss Noah. 🙂

    Ran a 3:22 at Sac-town. Boston will have to wait for another day but I’m pretty proud of that time.

    On pace to raise our $250K by my birthday (02/21). Plus, we have a kick-ass co-founder officially onboard. 😉


  11. Joe Suh Reply

    Overly optimistic projections. Since we’re trying all these new marketing strategies, its hard to be accurate. (for example, its really hard to predict what impact SEO will have). We’re going to have to re-forecast our 12-month outlook to be more realistic based on the percentage growth we’ve had so far.

    On the bright side, I’m glad I’m not sitting in a VC’s office explaining why I didn’t hit my projections! 🙂

    What am I going to do differently now? Besides the new forecasts, we’ve learned a lot more about what works and what doesn’t. So we’ll continue to exploit the effective channels while either throwing away or tweaking those that didn’t work so well.

    Constantly learning,