An Ode to Chipotle

November 20, 2006 - Get free updates of new posts here

Oh Chipotle. You came and swept away my little burrito loving heart.

chipotle burrito

You have such short lines. Your menu is more simple than an iPod.

Wow, I can’t believe I can get such a delicious burrito from a company formerly owned by McDonald’s.

yummy chipotle

I guess there are a few good things from Denver. (I’m kidding Devin:)

Your marketing is so simple. Gourmet burritos.

Let me think of two of my favorite things: burritos and beer. You have them both, did you know I was coming?

You make your blacksheep cousin Taco Bell look like a dirty hoodlum from the East side.

chipotle group love

We all love you Chipotle. How did you become so magical?

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19 responses to “An Ode to Chipotle

  1. Noah Kagan Reply

    Dude, I have had a lot of similar ideas to you.

    My friend Noah Glass runs which can do exactly what you are talking about with not waiting in lines. It was strange, I was thinking about doing that today when I was in Chipotle. However, the lines generally go pretty fast.

  2. Scott Reply

    Chipotle beats Qdoba by far, although I do respect what Qdoba has done with the burrito line πŸ™‚

    Never go to Baja Fresh. You will immediately regret that decision.

    Yay Chipotle.

  3. Chris Walterbach Reply

    If only we had the goodness that is Chipotle in Des Moines, I’d be a happy man. Instead I must settle for the lesser Q’Doba and worthless Panchero’s (owned by Jack In The Box, ’nuff said).

  4. Brian Breslin Reply

    Too bad we don’t have chipotle in miami. i have savored its goodness in many other cities though. Best burrito I’ve had was at a mom n pop type place in Dallas (no idea what the name was).

  5. JD Reply

    Chipotle is opening up on North Miami Beach Blvd (163rd St) near Biscayne Blvd close by FIU North campus – I saw the sign and logo up even though I didn’t see any information in the website.

    Try out the other Mexican places – Tres Amigos Mexicanos near the medical center (it probably is better than Taqueria Mexicano in Little Havana – SW 8th St right west of I-95). A little more Americanized is Lime Fresh also opened another location in North Miami Beach (their original is in South Beach). And there’s Paquito’s in North Miami Beach also, a full fledged restaurant. Taco Diva in Kendall. Burrito Grill Cafe in North MNiami Beach (125th St. near NE 9 Ave.)

  6. Jess Reply

    Any word on when the Chipotle on Biscayne is going to open? I don’t think I can wait much longer.

    Paquito’s is great and their chimichangas do rule and Lime is only good for everything BUT the burrito’s, but the best burrito I’ve had here has to be at San Loco’s in Miami Beach. It’s a little taqueria originally from NYC, but they aren’t really a chain. They are open until 5am and if you live close enough I think they deliver. Their burrito is simple, not Chipotle style (which owns me, by the way) but it’s amazing. The chicken? Oh my God! And everything on the menu rules. It’s cheap, but so delicious. It’s where I’ve been going to get my burrito fix down here in Miami.

  7. Michael Reply

    I can’t wait for Chipotle to open already. In the meantime I recommend trying Tijuana Flats in the meantime. Very good and a lot of sauces. There is one in Cooper City on Stirling.

  8. ronnie f Reply

    GOOD NEWS ABOUT THE BISCAYNE CHIPOTLE. Here is an e-mail exchange I had with Jeff, South Florida Area Manager.

    Ronnie We expect to be open August 17th. Hang in there we canÒ€ℒt to see ya. Bring some friends.

    6 days and counting. SEE YOU ALL THERE.

    PS: I don’t agree that Paquito’s is great. If you need quality Mexican food, try out Cheen Huaye (also near FIU North).