WWSGS: What Would Seth Godin Say

November 17, 2006 - Get free updates of new posts here

Instead of the usual Friday Free Idea, I am posting what I believe is a horrible business idea. Seth Godin does an amazing job finding things wrong/right about marketing or an idea, so in his honor I am seeing if you can guess what he would say.

the cereal bowl dispenser

Can you find the 3 things wrong with this product/picture?

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20 responses to “WWSGS: What Would Seth Godin Say

  1. Brian Balfour Reply

    “Controlled portions help ADULTS stay slim and trim”

    But they have a picture of a little kid eating the cereal…retarded.

    How about the cereal looks like dog food as well? MMMMMMMMMMMMM

  2. thatedeguy Reply

    I missed the one that Brian got, but the other two(IMO) are the ginormous size of the bowl the girl is eating from that “distorts” proper serving size as well as the overflowing bowl of cereal on the machine that again distorts what is really a proper serving size.

    “look, the controlled portions fill up the bowl!”

  3. Kira Reply

    How the hell hard is it to pour a damn bowl of cereal? Isn’t cereal already the easiest breakfast in the world? You just have to pour it, just like your damn coffee. Also, who owns a coffeemaker that dispenses by pushing a button? Do you live in a 7-11?

  4. sri Reply

    >Dont compare it with a coffee maker
    >looks too much like a coffee maker
    >should have shown a white version of the machine
    >kids hair is kinda messy
    >too much emphasis on the kid and not the adult so it kinda makes it look like its more for the kids
    >The name sucks….”breakfix” Break and FIX???

  5. Noah Kagan Reply

    Brian, Kira and Huzaifa got it correct. Seth gets honorable mention for funniest.

    1- It says on the bottom right of the ad “Controlled portions help adults stay slim and trim.” Why is there a child eating the cereal?

    2- Is it really that hard to pour a bowl of cereal?

    3- Why am I paying $80 to pour a $3 box of cereal. Break even on calories must take about 30 years for this to be worth it.

    Well done everyone!

  6. Sri Reply

    Great but I do not get number 3. U dont use it for just 1 cereal box?

    Its like saying why should i get a $200 ipod for a $0.99 cent song? or am i missing something?

  7. Susan Jones Reply

    My first thought when I saw this?
    Pet food.
    Isn’t there a cat-food dispenser similar to this unit?
    I’m sure there is.
    If there isn’t, there you go, a great business idea from a
    really bad marketing ploy.

  8. Laura Allen Reply

    I, for one, would like to know if those batteries are truly optional. That’s what it says in the copy. I’m guessing that machine won’t work if there are no batteries, so I’m guessing that they are really REQUIRED batteries.

    A better way to sell this silly machine would be to talk about the benefits of the child being able to serve herself cereal WITHOUT the mess and NOISE of all that crinkly plastic, when she tries to get the cereal out of the plastic bag. Although this machine may be noisy too.

    Actually, they could market it as the “automatic guilt-free parenting” machine and fill it with quarters. When the child presses the button, three dollars worth of quarters come out of the machine. Everytime the parent doesn’t have time for the child, send them to the machine. Those quarters will pay off BIG TIME when the child is in therapy later in life.

  9. HGHYS Reply

    this invantion has changed my life, whenever i blaze its the easiest thing to do for munchies… especially with a joint in my hand