CrossLoop – Screen Sharing: From India to America

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This post is part of User Generated Tuesdays. If you want to be read by 1,000 new friends please go here. This is written by Mrinal Desaid who co-founded CrossLoop and was a former biz-dev guy at LinkedIn.

There is a common quote called “Give a man a fish and you will feed him for a day; Teach him how to fish and you will feed him for Life.”

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With CrossLoop, we are trying to live that – empower people to leverage the computer and the Internet, apart form many other things.

Being away from home so many miles away is not easy – especially when I had my first daughter, Amelie. It was about 4 months before my parents, living in India, got to see her. It was only a few hard copy photos until then – a few moments because of their limited computer and Internet knowledge. There are many powerful tools that I use but none made sense to my parents living thousands of miles away. Somehow I had to get them caught up with the Internet revolution, in the midst of which I was so deeply entrenched.

CrossLoop allows me (and thousands of others) to do exactly that. It enabled me to behind their PC and walk them through different technologies and teach them how to use it to watch Amelie grow – all for free!

As a member of a geographically distributed family – my parents live in India, my brother in Scotland and myself in the US – I believe it is imperative for us to now shrink the distance through technology. A huge portion of the global population, and also an increasingly aging one in the US, still needs to know and learn how to use technology.

I created CrossLoop to shorten that distance. Here is a free download for you to try. Two people now can share desktops securely from different locations on the Internet with a single click and no technical knowledge!

In addition to personal relationships, many businesses can use it too for professional ones. Small businesses can now be closer to their customers by training and/or supporting customers and employees from anywhere.

I am an avid blogger and would love to hear more about similar family experiences. You can leave a comment on the CrossLoop blog and we will be in touch.

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2 responses to “CrossLoop – Screen Sharing: From India to America

  1. Ray Dotson Reply

    I’m curious about how secure this really is. I’ve had good luck with MS remote desktop over a vpn and bad luck with pcanywhere. This product sounds like it’s a little bit different, though.