Top 5 Sexual Analogies for Business

November 6, 2006 - Get free updates of new posts here

For some reason I always think of sexual analogies that relate to business. I think these work…

hot sex

1- “It’s like having sex with a blow up doll” : This is when you are working with someone who is full of shit.

2- “Why are you going to have sex without an orgasm?”
: Why are you going to do all the work but not follow through.

3- “Do you marry the first person you lose your virginity to?”
: This is committing to a partner before you have shopped around.

4- “He didn’t wear a condom but he looked clean”
: Make sure to sign contracts with people. You never know who will keep their word.

5- “Why wait, I can jerk it now!”: Sometimes it is easier to do things yourself.

I hope you like. As I think of more I will share them;)

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8 responses to “Top 5 Sexual Analogies for Business

  1. Sri Reply

    “In the heat of the moment, sticking ur finger up someone’s ass”

    Sure it feels great at the moment, but later on, something will stink!!

  2. andy Reply

    Sri…. that’s a bit farther than I would like take it…. but I guess it makes a certain point…

    I bet for everybody that commented, there’s hundreds just hiding in the shadows.

    Some others:

    “That business transaction was like doing a MILF”

    “They liked the proposal so much it was like have the slut/bitch/gf/secretary suck every drop”

    “It was a hard sell, so we DPed the proposal/sale”.

    Ok, now I’m going to confession.

  3. Noah Kagan Reply

    It’s like running a marathon but not pacing yourself since you don’t know the difference

    Foreplay is preparing for the real deal

    Whores aren’t desirable after awhile