Friday Funny: Southwest Hates People

November 3, 2006 - Get free updates of new posts here

Last night I flew Southwest from Orange County back to San Jose and a funny thought hit me. The pre-bordering tickets really hurt peoples’ feelings. I luckily checked-in online and received my A boarding pass. “Yes, just like in school I got my A, VICTORY!”

southwest plane

I got to wait in the A line and mock the losers down in the B and C lines. The look in the B people faces was of failure and disappointment. How could they be so slow to the check-in and forgot to do it online? I think that is a problem Southwest needs to fix. Here’s what I suggest:

People can get A+, A and A- ticket or possibly they can change it to different names: Super, Great and Awesome. I really think people’s feelings and pride gets crushed by this hierarchy. Something needs to be done now!

Do you ever feel that your feelings are hurt by a company?

Have a great weekend;)

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15 responses to “Friday Funny: Southwest Hates People

  1. y Reply

    I actually like to aim for the front of the C line or back of B. One might think A is the best, but you never know where the seat-kicking children are going to sit. Front of the C line lets you (a) print your ticket as late as you like, and (b) choose your neighbors.

  2. Sri Reply

    I have a 15 month old kid so for the last 15 months, I have been flying SUPER-DUPER A.

    So if you like the superior feeling and always want to be front of the herd, just have a kid!

  3. Sri Reply

    I checked out, what intrigues me is that if you have the time to log in and use the services of boardfirst 48 hours prior to your southwest flight, why dont u have the time to log in to southwest airlines website and get your boarding pass? seems to do what you can pretty much do yourself.

  4. Noah N. Glass Reply

    Noah, really? Grade inflation for boarding groups? Isn’t the problem really just that letters (and numbers, for that matter) both have ill-fitting associations with grade/rank? Shouldn’t Southwest be using something like colors instead (easy for them to know which color is first, without making customers feel like losers)? Or are they trying to incentivize the early-comers to feel good about themselves, seeing more value in praising them and turning them into role models than harm in scarlet-letting the delinquents?
    Aren’t rhetorical questions the best?

    Lines and waiting suck. If Southwest used a modified version of, this whole problem would be solved. 🙂 You enter your mobile number during check-in, we text you when you can get on the plane…

  5. Jason H. Reply

    Instead of using the boring A,B,C, maybe they should use some Italian or some other language. Like what Starbucks does- Venti, Grande, and Tall… whoever came up with the strategy of calling Small cup Tall must be a Purple Cow 🙂

  6. saving advice Reply

    I don’t see it being near as much of a big deal as before just because people are bringing less carry-on luggage onto flights. When every single person was bringing on 2 bags and over head space was at a premium, getting on the plane late sucked.

  7. Jonathan Reply

    Several sites (free and paid) offer 24 hour mark boarding passes on Southwest. Besides boardfirst, offers the service.