Quick Marketing Tip: Freebie Placement

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While I was taking my weekly shower at my friend’s place this morning, I tried out his shampoo. “Wow this shampoo feels so soft and amazing on my hair, maybe I will get a bottle of Finesse for myself, ” I shouted outloud. Then an idea sparked.

If you are a new or young toiletries company, go partner with hotels and offer it for free to guests.


These companies would jump at the chance to cut costs. This would work just as well with any business but you need to target your industry. The same could go for giving away freebies of your stuff to airlines. These are great chances where it makes relevant sense for people to try your product as opposed to seeing you on the bottom isle of the supermarket.

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9 responses to “Quick Marketing Tip: Freebie Placement

  1. saving advice Reply

    Funny…I had the same thought the other day on the plane with the snack food I got with my drink – if you were trying to introduce a new snack food, it would be the perfect place to do so.

  2. Sri Reply

    Some companies I think are taking this approach with Walgreens. Every month or so, there are several products that you can buy at Walgreens and get every penny back if u send in the hassle free rebate. But Alas……I read somewhere that only 2 out of 5 people actually send in their rebates. And Walgreens overprices these “free” products.

    Shampoo XYZ
    Walmart :
    $3 per bottle * 5 bottles = $15

    Walgreens :
    $ 5 per bottle * 5 bottles = $25

    Now $25 – ($10)* = $15
    * 2 people who actually submitted the rebate.

  3. Jason Reply

    Before Starbucks became big, they had an idea to place their coffee on all United Airlines flights. They thought they could entice business travelers with their blend of coffee by hitting them up on flights. This idea fell through, but they are happy it did. Even though this would hve been huge, they felt their image would be cheapened by being put on airlines.

    On a side note. I was at a Wyndham hotel and they gave Bath and Body works shampoo and soap in the bathroom. This was four years ago I think.