Friday Free Business Idea: 1 Minute Motivation

October 27, 2006 - Get free updates of new posts here

My friend Scott from the groupvine called me a few days ago feeling a little down about his business and where to go next. Scott is an all-star who looks like Jude Law. You agree?

scott hurff

I spent about 20 minutes berating him with positive affirmations of kicking ass and how awesome he is. We talked about what he is going to do next and how he is going to do it. He sounded great and emailed me the next day with some great progress. It gave me a great business idea:

“A person you can call at anytime for 1 minute of motivation”

Think of this as phone sex 2.0. This person you can call at anytime for some positive words and help in getting you feeling awesome.

If you like this idea leave a comment and I will give you a free 1 minute motivation=-)

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22 responses to “Friday Free Business Idea: 1 Minute Motivation

  1. Noah Kagan Reply

    You can use either and it just charges whatever rate I decide for that minute and bills the caller. As well, you can do a retainer fee where monthly you deposit and get to use that many credits.

    My mom is a great motivator but sometimes you need an outside kick in the ass. Note: Jewish mothers are extremely persistent and annoying if you are ever looking for someone to get you to do something. I know from many years of experience;)

  2. Sian Reply

    anybody that calls me and pours their sorrrows lets me in on their personal life (to know about somebody else’s personal life) to me, is enough payment already. so forget the chump change, how about just doing it out of blog material and good of heart. we don’t each other noah, but every time we talk, unfortunately it has to be via email, you do that so how about doing it just for somebody’s respect?

  3. Adam Gilbert Reply


    2/3 of the last 3 ideas we’ve been thinking so alike. I was in Delaware the past few weeks.

    I loved getting a wake up call every morning. While I was there I was reading Think & Grow Rich. Definitely a very motivational book.

    There were times I just wanted to walk out of my hotel and work on some ideas.

    My idea was to create a wake up call service that wakes you up with a 45-90 second motivational pep talk to make today your best day yet. Or just something to light the fire under your ass for that day. To give you that inspiration to make it happen.

    What do you think?

  4. Wendy Reply

    I like this idea. Sometimes all we need is affirmation from people we respect. You’ve cheered me up on a few occasions, I can only hope to be able to return the favor one day.

  5. Berry Reply

    Very good! I think many of the shadier phone services are really a $3.99 a minute cure for loneliness.

    Here is a(nother) Mark Cuban quote: “All good businesses are personal. The best businesses are very personal.”

    I have been trying for two years to sell our service as a service… I am going to start running a google ad that says: “Stressed out about your finances but don’t know where to turn? Start with us.”
    It’s always been about direction and encouragement but if we have never STARTED there. We start with money and continue with motivation… maybe if we start with the motivation we can more easily continue with the money part.

    EVERYWHERE I turn people are in a bit of money trouble and for ten years I’ve been waiting to motivate people to fix that… now I am doing it full time and nothing makes me happier!

  6. Jason H. Reply

    I guess we can start calling u “Dr.Noah” now 🙂

    here is a better idea, why not a 1-min motivation podcast–99cent per download…

    Seriously, a good motivational book I recommend is any book by Brian Tracy.

  7. Christopher Johnston Reply

    I love this idea. I’m building a business and everyday there are little challenges and sometimes very big ones that tend to get you down. I’m sure you faced many at Facebook. A one minute pick me up would be great.

  8. Scott Reply

    Who’s that fine looking gentleman with the lame smirk? Oh wait, it’s me…

    One is a lucky person if he can count Noah as a motivator.

    Thanks brother.

  9. Roger von Oech Reply

    Interesting concept. We’re spurred on by both “carrots” and “sticks.” I think that I’d have my “1 minute motivator” give a nice balance of both.

    –“Remember that dream of yours? Why haven’t done more to reach it today!”

    — “Get off your butt, and quit making excuses.”

    — “You know that picture of success you have in your mind? Is it getting clearer today?”

    Some people thrive on a mostly “carrot” diet, but I think most people need lots of “sticks.”

    Roger von Oech

    (Author of “A Whack on the Side of the Head” and the “Creative Whack Pack” — now those are real products with “stick” titles)

  10. Phil Gerbyshak Reply

    Excellent idea Noah. A 1-minute motivator as a 99 cent download is fun, but that may be unspecific enough to anyone’s particular issue. If you’re looking for a generic 1 minute motivator/inspiration, I recommend ipopin, at I don’t think the market is saturated (yet) and if anyone could pull this idea off, I’d bet on you. Good luck on your path to millions. Don’t forget us little people!

  11. darius Reply

    Great idea.

    I just read _Coaching for Performance_ and it seems relevant (although the author’s definition of “performance” is a little odd). –> Spoiler: Supportive constant unassuming dialogue can bring systematic inefficiencies into the light where they can be better addressed. The book stresses the importance of the ‘coach’ acting as a mirror, rather than proposing solutions.