The 30 Comment Post

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I was talking to Morgan from Overheard in New York, a very popular quotes site for bored office dwellers when he mentioned that we all expect things for free. He wasn’t trying to suggest the benefits of being a greedy jew or anything like that but how in the current years all content, services and such are expected to be free. His site is free and it got me thinking of how I can charge you…(insert evilish laugh here).

the number 30

Let me say this upfront, I am not asking for money. All I want to see if is one or all of you will at least comment to 30 and then I will post my article about progress. I think it’s a good one. The comment should pertain to how you will be at 30 or were.

Why do I want this? I have no clue. I just thought of it on the fly and thought it may help you kill 1 minute out of your day.

Wendy said this could be trend setting. I fear this could start a riot. Who knows…

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35 responses to “The 30 Comment Post

  1. jon speer Reply

    I’m 31 now. How was I at 30? Not too different from 29 or 31. I probably had a little more hair and less gray hair. I guess 30 marked somewhat of a personal milestone. 30 was the first time I seriously contemplated entrepreneurship and having my own business. At 31, I’m moving closer everyday to being 100% on my own.

  2. Brian Balfour Reply

    I have a feeling we are going to get a lot of depressing comments from people over 30 just like the one from Jennifer. Should be motivation to those of us who are still under 30.

    I have 7 more years until I’m 30….hopefully I’ll be doing the same thing that I am now, Entrepreneur….just hopefully in a slightly bigger fasion.

  3. Wendyness Reply

    When I am 30, I will be married to Noah Kagan.

    Just kidding. I hope to have my own interactive media company by then, focusing on user experience and pleasing visual design. I’ll give it a really pretentious name.

  4. Luke Freeman Reply

    At 30 I would like to have represented Australia at the Olympics and if not a gold medal yet, I would be in preperation for 2020.

    I would like to also have have my business grow and have an office (maybe virtual/global) full of employee’s. It would also be great to be working towards being a valued opinion in my industry.

    Other big goal: Married and with young kids!

  5. Rich Dale Reply

    i thought i’d be a millionaire by the time i was thirty, having started my first business when i was 22. instead i wound up working for the man and 2 weeks before i hit the big 3-0 last april, i lost my job.

    it was like a bomb going off under me. now i’ve two new startup business projects, a bunch of consulting work and a band that rocks, and the best thing is – i’m old enough to appreciate it!!!

  6. joe Reply

    at 30 I fully expect to still get carded for R – rated movies and cigarettes. On that note, I hope by then to be no longer smoking, and to witness legal gay marriage in the US. whether education, music, or restaurants, i’ll definitely be traveling. and calling noah to tell him all about the foreign toliets.

  7. Adam Jusko Reply

    I wrote a wonderful response to this post, but your blog ate it and wouldn’t give it back.

    In short, 30 was a great year for me professionally and sparked a four-year run of making more money than I’d thought possible given my background, all while working out of my house. Hitting 30 wasn’t bad at all. (40 will be another story I’m sure, but I still have a few years left before confronting that.)

    Word of advice to those of looking to go out on your own–if you hit the jackpot in your business, bank as much you can while the money’s coming in, because you never know when the rug will pulled out from under you.

    Noah, if your blog eats this post again, I give up forever.

  8. Johnny Reply

    I feel that at 30 i’ll be freaking old…

    But well, when i was 10 or so, i was thinking the same about when i’ll be 20. And now i haven’t really changed. So i guess i’ll be just the same at 30. Or maybe just not virgin anymore ^^

  9. Berry Reply

    Lord I hope you didn’t eat that burrito.

    After reading all these posts AND your free business friday idea thing I am going to make a big change to something I’m doing… I have been chewing on it for two days and your Friday post cemented the concept.

    More commenting on that post on that post.

    When I was thrity (just two years ago) I had my first half a million in sales year… peanuts compared to so many cool startup stories I read in business 2.0…. those stories make me sick and at the same time motivate me to keep going.

    Here’s what Mark Cuban says: It doesn’t matter how many times you fail. All that matters in business is that you get it right once. Then everyone can tell you how lucky you are.

  10. Mike W Reply

    *WHEN* I’M 30????

    For me, 30 is a distant memory….not a recent recollection that I can glance at in the space-time continuum’s rear view mirror, but a spot on the one-way highway of life that’s a great many exits back.

    Back then, I pictured myself as chairman of the board…..but instead I’ve turned out to be something closer to the “leadoff man for Team Slacker”. And it feels great.

    Fear not the passing of your youth. With it, life’s most daunting hassles begin to seem petty. Worry not about the lessening of your ambition. Life’s too short to work long hours. And fret not about the waning of your libido…..that banshee-like demon that clings to your back during a man’s younger years, but fades into something more akin to a well-trained pet come his fourth decade.

  11. Mehul Patel Reply

    Noah and all you kool peeps,

    Life was rocking at 30, I was in the peak of our New Media (www.KIPL.Net) firm as struggle began at 27 at 30 (me and my team) were doing exactly what we liked, including choosy abt customers and so much more fun.

    Now I am 33 again in a stage when I was 26 ish as once again the DAMN entrepreneurial bug has bit me and we are going to the GSM consumers worldwide with our Designer Mobile Content Brand Mozomo

    But one thing is common I felt happy n blessed at 30 and feeling the same at 33, Noah I met u too, what else can I ask for, God has been super kind and trust me Future is Bright 🙂

  12. Ray Dotson Reply

    Great discussion once again, Noah. I’m 36 now and I remember 30 as being a turning point in my life in a lot of ways. I honestly think I only started growing up when I hit 30 and the rest of my thirties have so far been a real education in what is important in life.

    In many ways, I wasn’t where I wanted to be at 30 and I’m still not. I had been married for a few years by then and was just getting started having kids. I also worked in a cubicle job I hated. Now I have a bunch of small kids and I’m looking at an imminent divorce and I’m still working in that shitty little cubicle.

    Believe it or not, I’m actually looking forward to 40 in a funny way. Not to be a downer, but hitting the fast forward button would be great right now. Maybe not to 40, though. Could I have 37 instead?

  13. Bruce Jack Reply

    I am 30. It’s good. A little effort required to keep it good, but if there wasn’t any effort, that would be boring.

  14. saving advice Reply

    I wish I had taken more chances by the time I was 30, but better late than never. Not that I didn’t take any, but I should have taken bigger ones. I’m making up for it now 😉