Guerilla Marketing Tip: Umbrellas

October 18, 2006 - Get free updates of new posts here

It has been raining in New York and I did not utilize my Boy Scout skills in bringing an umbrella with me. I am a stubborn person and will not pay any money to buy one since I have one at home and I am leaving in a day. However, I had an affordable idea for companies to get some great marketing.

“Give out free branded umbrellas to people in metropolitan areas.”

rainy day umbrella

This is not for a small business but for banks, credit cards and other major companies. It is a relatively affordable way to get your brand out to a lot of people. As well, you get a ton of goodwill for helping people out when it’s raining.

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16 responses to “Guerilla Marketing Tip: Umbrellas

  1. Jason Reply

    I think companies did this alot during the eighties. I remember seeing the NY times umbrellas everywhere. I think they do it a major golf matches as well. Not sure though.

  2. Noah Kagan Reply


    I think this has been done in the past. I guess I would like to see it be done in the future. Maybe someone can take it to another level where each umbrella is a different symbol and people from the buildings can look down and see cool pictures.

  3. Ben Reply

    I think companies should pass out free condoms with their logos/slogans on them. Think about it – condoms defy (for the most part) socio-economic status and are actively used my millions of people on a regular basis.

  4. Berry Reply

    I’ve got two BancFirst umbrellas in my office because invariably walk to the bank and it starts raining. It’s becoming a joke over there.

    They don’t make printed condoms… just packages.

  5. Jason Reply

    To add to Noah’s idea.


    Hire 100 models to stand on the street underneath a busy skyscrapper with umbrellas that form the logo of a company. People in the building would watch and the people on the street would love to see a wet model.

  6. Jason H. Reply


    I love ur idea on free condoms with company logo and slogan :0) Very Edgy!

    But I wonder which companies will be willing to do this? Perhaps energy drink and beer companies…

  7. Ben Reply

    Jason –

    Thanks. Just think of the marketing that could be done with this. Examples:

    Nike – Just Do It – It’s all about the O

  8. Adam Gilbert Reply


    Hope all is well! Too bad I am in Delaware this week. I would have loved to meet up with you.

    It’s funny you say that. Every single time it rains I always think about this. It’s a terrific idea.

    When it rains and people don’t have umbrellas they are desperate. They will do anything to keep dry.

    If a company had the ability to quickly set up little booths all around the city when it started to rain they can further capitalize on people’s desperation.

    You can have this free umbrella if you listen to a quick 30 or 60 second brief about what my company can do for you.

    This could really work. People would listen. Whether they really care or not, they are still listening!


  9. Jason Reply

    If the umbrella industry is so lucrative, why not chnge your business to Umbrellas?

    Given out an umbrella is not going to drastically change the way people interact with your company. it is a nice added marketing bonus, but in the end it wil not sway too many people to buy your product.

    Think about all the free stuff that is given out at sporting events. Just because the team gave out a free raincoat (I have five Braves and three rangers coats that were promotionals) does not mean I am going to go back to the game. They better start winning to draw a crowd. I think creating a good product is more of an indicator. Umbrellas might (and I say might) get them into your store one day, but thequestion is are you going to give me more than an umbrella?

  10. Rik Reply

    Haha, you should come to Holland some time. It rains all the time here during fall and winter, and most people on the street have branded brollies. Amsterdam can have its own charm like that when the streets are covered with loud colors 🙂

    It does, however, raise the same question i always have when i look at sponsoring: will seeing you logo on an umbrella actually make me (someone?) buy more of your stuff? Or is it just another expense way of getting noticed?