Reasons you should Never Blog

October 12, 2006 - Get free updates of new posts here

A lot of people talk to me about how they need to start a blog. Here’s how the conversations go:

Friend: Come on Noah it’s the coolest thing. Look how many people recognize you on the street just cause you blog.
Noah: Uh, no one.
Friend: Well, it will be a great way to get attention for my company and market our product.
Noah: What are you doing now and why does anyone care to read about what you have to say?
Friend: I am not sure but it will work. Trust me.

(update: image removed)

I just wanted to highlight for people why blogging is not that great. So many people are tricked by the main stream media that blogging is everything and all the benefits of it. I will be the first person to suggest for some companies/people to NOT blog. Gasp. Here are the 5 Noah questions/rules I give people before they can start blogging:

  1. What’s your objective in blogging?
  2. Can a newsletter do what you want?
  3. Do people care what you have to say?
  4. Can you do it for a consistent basis?
  5. Do you have interesting things to say?

Blogging will not make or break your business. It is a perfect tool for communicating with your customers. Make sure you are Noah approved before you start doing it.

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10 responses to “Reasons you should Never Blog

  1. Wendyness Reply

    At the latest Refresh San Diego meeting, the topic was blogging. All these noobs got super excited when they heard that blogging = free marketing. I’m going to pass this entry on to them..

  2. Tony Chung Reply

    I think Guy Kawasaki puts it best. When you’re starting/writing a blog, treat the process as if you were writing a book.

    You have a specific audience and focus. Otherwise the blog is pretty much garbage and only caters to a select few (your close friends).

    Took me a year or so to realize this. :p

  3. Jason Reply

    I think every business magazine has had an article about Blogging for Bucks. I wonder what percent of blogs are:

    1. Fully Funded by ads or sponsors
    2. Earn a living for its writer
    3. Made someone a millionaire

    I would guess .001 percent. It is a rough business. All i can say is momma don’t let your kids grow up to be bloggers. Sorry I am from Texas.

  4. Joseph Hunkins Reply

    Good one Noah. I do think that commercial blogs and personal ones are often different animals, though a lot of us kind of mix up that distinction e.g. Carnival of Marketing.

    As I think you are noting for most people a blog is best thought of as way to organize their own ideas and thoughts and project them to a very small audience. Also important is that is puts you into the fast- paced information and idea environment in a way you can’t be with passive stuff.

    For me it beats yelling at the TV.

  5. Damon Z Reply

    Blogging is becoming the reality tv of the internet, Fools Rush In. I just blog because it’s less expensive than therapy. Plus, shrink only listen, they won’t read!

  6. Andrew Reply

    Great list, Noah. I totally subscribe to the “What’s-in-it-for-me?” philosophy, which not too many blogs adopt. Fortunately, you have it, and that’s why I keep on coming back to your blog, man.

  7. Sean Howard Reply

    Hey Noah,

    Coming out of lurk mode.

    I can’t believe you are leaving the trackback to the petty flame war from Tom. You’re a braver, kinder man than moi.

    By the same token, I can’t believe you didn’t tell him to go F himself. 😉


  8. Jenny Reply

    I think the best reason to blog is its the easiest way to write that book you keep meaning to write. This way you can write small chunks and feel like that part is finished. Then weave them together and BAM…you’re an author.

    But I can’t think of any good business reason. Blogs are like magazine articles. When was the last time you bought something or did business with someone because of a magazine article?