How to Torment a Starbucks Employee

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Here is a fun little hack to make your Starbucks trips more enjoyable. Ask the “barista” aka coffee sl*t this question:

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“Can I have a small (insert coffee type here) please?”

Starbucks implemented a policy where they have to identify a small as a tall coffee. It works on all sizes. Honestly, I think it’s not worth their effort but it makes ordering more fun=)

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92 responses to “How to Torment a Starbucks Employee

  1. Chris Bennett Reply

    How to Torment a Starbucks Executive:

    “Can I have a short * please?”

    While “tall” is the smallest size at Starbucks that they’ll fess up to, a “short” is actually a small, but it’s not on the menu. This is especially a good thing for cappuccinos. They keep it on the DL since they make more profit on the larger ones (Venti = 20 oz compared to a Grande 16oz? Definitely not 45 cents of a difference.).

    Another interesting aspect of sizing that someone pointed out to me: give someone three choices and they will usually pick the middle one. More people would pick small if given the choice between two: large and small. Volume-wise the middle-size “grande” is large… so it looks like Starbucks is really winning when it comes to making more profit off larger sizes.

  2. Sri Reply

    Here is a question….does anyone tip those guys? Sometimes when the tip jar is placed right infront of my face….i feel obliged to tip……but in all honesty….i dont think they deserve a tip.

    If that is the case, then Chipotle people who do more need to be tipped!

    I once went to India with my boss and I told my boss that we gotta tip the hotel guy who opens our car door……my boss said..”ok….here is a tip for him…get another job”

    1. Lizzy Reply

      Sri… It’s kind of funny you say that because there is a tip jar at Chipotle. Guess you’re to cheap to tip them too.

    2. Sikora Reply

      I work for starbucks… Chipitle employees always say they feel bad for us … Starbucks is real hard… They teach us one way and customers order it a different… 1 customer will order every drop of coffee now 50 ppl are mad they are late for wrk… To be fair, they walk in mad… Chipotle are customers who come in for fun… Ours come due to addiction. .. Ppl say horrible things to us…. Sometimes thet dont speak they just point and if yu wrong they yell… Ppl steal drinks so yu have to remake them over in a rush hour time of day … Homeless customers shit everywhere kuz we’re open 24 hours… Ppl cant handle it and quit no notice so yu get your hours cut, spread out and now yu have to wrk 6 days… Ppl are vicious about coffee… They thrw hot coffe on us too

  3. Doug Karr Reply

    After 3 years of ordering No-fat, No-whip Grande Mochas… I have yet to understand what the proper order sequence is. It seems, no matter what order I order the mocha in… the Barista repeats it back to me in a different order.

    “No-fat, No-whip, Grande Mocha”

    “Grande No-fat, No-whip Mocha”


  4. prlinkbiz Reply

    I always order double tall non-fat no whip cream mochas. However, I am in there so often, the Starbucks people adore me- so they just “know” my drink now. Kids- this is why I invest- so I can drink Starbucks daily. PS- as a former barista, be kind! LOL

  5. Mike W Reply

    An invading army of Starbucks franchises has long since ran roughshod over every neighborhood in San Francisco. My borough is no exception, with one setting up camp a scant three blocks from my front door. Myself and most of the other neighborhood curmudgeons have long since been exposed to the “short-tall-grande-venti” system. Tully’s across the street has adopted something similar. We’ve more or less refused to use it…but the staff seems to have arrived at an agreed-upon convention for dealing with traditional size requests that goes something like this:

    “When in doubt….punt”.

    I’ve even brought in my own odd-shaped cup….a stocky Nissan Stainless travel mug that’s somewhat conical in form. The barrista’s rarely so much as bat an eye at it, though the price of filling it varies from visit to visit.

  6. Chica_Maria Reply

    Okay, here’s a tip from a certified barista for those of you who are confused about the whole drink-calling order thing. The order generally goes: Decaf, Iced, Number of Espresso Shots, Size, Number of Pumps and Type of Syrup, Milk, Other options (like extra hot, no whip, two splendas, etc), and finally type of drink.

    Obviously, if you’re ordering a “default” drink, like a tall latte, you would just call it a “Tall Latte.” If you want it nonfat, it’s a “Tall nonfat latte.” If you want it decaf and nonfat, it’s a “decaf tall nonfat latte.” So, a “complicated” drink (and the kind that makes the baristas grind their teeth) would be something like, “decaf iced quad grande two-pump raspberry two percent no whip one raw sugar white mocha.”

    If you think this is asinine…you’re probably right, but look at it this way. Even new baristas loathe this precise method as they struggle to learn it. Sbux trainers have special “dice” with the modifiers on them that you can practice rolling and arranging in the correct order. It usually takes weeks to months for a barista to become confident in “correct drink calling.”

    And while some baristas will get all smug as they correct you, most use the “system” simply because their co-workers or bosses will polietly get on their case if they don’t. However, even seasoned baristas will occasionally (or frequently!) call a complicated drink incorrectly.

    And since you’re probably wondering if there’s even a pretense of a reason for the “system,” here’s the idea behind it: better communication between the barista at the register and the barista at the bar. Say you order a decaf tall caramel nonfat xtra whip mocha. When the barista makes the drink, they will first “pull” the espresso shots, (hence the importance of specifying decaf first), and while the shots are grinding they will select the correct cup (size second), pump the syrup into it (flavor third) and add the shots, then add the steamed milk (milk fourth), and top with plenty of whipped cream (misc. modifiers fifth).

    It’s not a perfect system, but if the way drinks are called is standardized, there’s much less chance of forgetting a modifier, or disappointing the customer. As a barista punches in a grande nonfat mocha, he will mentally run down the “list” and when he gets to the misc modifiers “box” he will remember to ask the customer (who is obviously calorie conscious) if they still want the whipped cream. Or if the person at the bar has had a drink called to them, they will repeat the modifiers in the same order, which makes it easier to tell if they missed something.

    So yeah, it’s obnoxious, but if it helps keep your drink order accurate, I think you can suffer a smug smile from an obnoxious barista. Just pretend to tip him/her and then suddenly withdraw your cash with a loud “HRUMPH!” Just remember to tip the ones who *do* do an excellent job.

    And as far as the whole short/tall/grande/venti thing goes, I worked at Starbucks and I still think it’s rather dumb. But, I tried to call the drinks correctly simply because I knew I would be chided if I didn’t. Yeah, I basically sold my soul for a paycheck.

  7. Lima Reply

    But, Starbucks is almost everywhere…Where shall a poor soul go if he/she doesn’t like Starbucks?

    Calling people “freaking retards” IS retarded. Jerk!

  8. Alexandria Venticelo Reply

    I LOVE Starbucks! I hate how they always repeat your order though! I always give a tip just cause I have have enough money too. I go almost every day.

  9. baristaj Reply

    they repeat your order so the person at the bar gets it right. it’s not to make you feel stupid.

    Question: would you rather have the starbucks people be overly friendly and full of BS or just get your drink to you fast and correct?

    i’m sick of being told i have to fake a ridiculous amount of positive energy.

  10. bbaristamtown Reply

    ohhhkayy . so to all the people who dont like starbucks then dont go . and for the people talking about drink calling, we as baristas are trained to call drinks correctly hence the cubes the previous comment was talking about. and it is second nature to call them the correct way. we dont care if you dont know what order to order it in , but it is a habit to say it back the correct way. just dont say grannnnday. [grande] [gran] doesnt ryme with ann so throw the littleeeeeee accent into it and say grande :]

  11. barista Reply

    okay, okay, okay. i work at starbucks. i know, i know, all of you people probably DESPISE ME. first off, to answer some questions. the order you say your drink is along the side of the cup. if it’s decaf, there’s a decaf box, then the size box, and so on. that’s how we learned. secondly, the tips DO help. and yes, i think we should get tipped. it’s not just making a cup of coffee, it’s making all of the prep, training new workers, working drive through AND hot bar, getting all the drinks in order, making sure the drinks are made right and within 3 minutes of the customers order, and making sure the store is clean at all times. oh, and not to mention the stress level. thirdly, this “say small” nonsense. we’re trained to say all of that. do you think that’s how we talk in everyday life? no. it’s just the “lingo” and it makes work easier. so, stop being mean to your fellow starbucks employee. they didn’t make the rules, they just have to follow them… and most of them are trying to just get a paycheck and go home. the end.

  12. D-Lo Reply

    I am a barista. I couldn’t care less what size you call a drink, I still will call it what it is because that is how we do it. It is stupid that we can’t call it small, medium, large, but I’m not gonna get my panties in a wad because I can’t use the combination or consanants and vowels I would rather use. Why do people care about such trivial issues? I guess control issues I suppose? The next time you think you are so clever and wanna try ot annoy us remember this, we deal with morons everyday and every hour and you are no exception. Don’t wanna tip, I don’t really give a shit. Just because you don’t tip doesn’t mean someone else won’t either. Don’t try to be so signifacant, it is pointless. Starbuck’s will roll on without you morons because it is a corporate juggernaut that can only defeat itself. We have no effect. I could shit in a box, slap a Starbuck’s logo on it with a $5 price tag and sell out of it before my next bowel movement. People want their status symbol and we provide that for them. So, do whatever you want to do to annoy us, most of us are immune to the stupid bullshit. Quit trying to be somebody, nobody cares.

  13. IN Partner Reply

    I am a Starbucks employee.

    In response to the “Friends don’t let friends drink Starbucks” mentality: your local coffee shop still exists…you know the one, the one you like that isn’t a Starbucks. I go to mine. It is thriving. Support yours.

    And to those that hate Starbucks so much, why do you go there? Quite hypocritical if I do say so. I hate Wal-Mart, which has taken over my town moreso than any Starbucks has, so I make the personal decision to NOT go there, under any circumstance.

    Oh, and ordering a drink? Don’t worry about saying it in the right order. That’s our job. And thank you to the partner above that explained why we do this: consistency in training and to reduce or eliminate missed or incorrect drink orders at the bar. Your barista doesn’t want to take the time to remake your drink anymore than you want to wait for it.

    Tipping? Whatever. Our tips don’t pay our bills, but your generosity is greatly appreciated. If you enjoy your experience at your store, reward them for their hard work. If you don’t, we would appreciate it if you’d let us know.

    And to those complaining about their job with the company: leave it, if you are so unhappy. I don’t want to work with a miserable employee any more than you want to be miserable at your job. Starbucks works for some, like me, and for others, it doesn’t. No job should ever weigh more heavily on your mind than the important things – like love for your family, helping your friends, and enjoying your life. These are the things that matter. Take value in them. If you are like me and love your job, take pride in it. If not…it’s your sacrifice.

    Take care.

  14. Your Uncle Reply

    Here’s a good question. “Why are we all sitting in front of our computers with our heads tilted down or forward utilizing our college level education to mindlessly bitch about a franchise we know well enough to say in that obnoxious nasal tone “When I go to starbucks…? When another child the same age as your baby niece, nephew, son or daughter has pushed their last breath in front of a torn human being tilting their head down and forward?

  15. Katie Reply

    I work at starbucks- and we really dont care if someone orders the size as a “small” or “medium.” We know what they mean- no reason to be snots about it.

  16. BaristaRah Reply

    Yo, I work for starbucks in ny and i just started workin for sb for about 3 weeks now and this whole drink calling system has and still is causing me to not enjoy my sleep at night. this shit is wrecking my brain. sure, calling out a “tall latte” is not big deal. But when a annoying ass customer calls out some bullshit like “ummm can i get a Venti vanilla soy chai latte, extra hot, no whip, 2 sleeve, 4 pumps of chai, etra whip”….I honestly look at the customer with inner hatred and just draw a blank from not even knowing where to start at calling this drink. I need help asap becuz thats the ONLY thing i hate about my job. everything else is cake.

  17. Jenni Reply

    I am a Starbucks barista as well. And like the other baristas have said before me, drink calling is not done in order to tout our superior knowledge and/or to annoy the customer, but is a standard way for us to recognize the drink so that it’s written on the cup correctly and therefore made correctly. We automatically translate “small/medium/large” into “tall/grande/venti” because those are the sizes we use. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Also, from the other side, baristas should NOT get annoyed at customers with complicated drink orders. One of my personal drinks, for example, is a decaf iced single grande one-pump hazelnut soy no-whip mocha. I don’t order it to make other partners’ lives that much more complicated, I order it because that’s what I like. Remember something about “Just say yes”? We’re in the people business serving coffee, you guys. If you’re relatively new, the automatic mental drink translating will come, I promise. There comes a time for everyone when you’ll have a customer order a “large white mocha with no whipped cream, extra hot, nonfat, with an extra shot – no, make that two extra shots, and two pumps of cinnamon dolce”, and you’ll immediately say, “So that’s a quad venti two-pump cinnamon dolce nonfat no-whip extra hot white mocha?” I promise.

    I love Starbucks – I’m proud to work there, and I’m passionate about what I do. I believe that it’s a great company with great coffee, and so do plenty of other people. Sorry to repeat it, but if you happen to dislike Starbucks for whatever reason… you really don’t have to go there.

    Thanks for reading 🙂

  18. Barista_Joshua Reply

    I just want to start out by saying that I am a Barista, and I love my job. I know how stupid and annoying it can be to be corrected, because I was a frequent Starbucks visitor before I became an employee. I, too used to get upset when the Barista’s would correct me, but now that I work there I know that most are not doing so to be mean, or “snotty”…they are merely trying to make sure your drink comes out correct. I find myself correcting people on the sizes, but I do so without the intention to come off as rude. I even catch myself sometimes doing so, and I sometimes apologize to the customers and get them to understand that it wasn’t intended to sound some have said in this post, it comes natural to us, because we were trained to do so. I know that sometimes, some Barista’s come off as over-friendly, and my store does that, but they are sincere about it. I am a very social person, and I come off as bombarding people with my social skills, but I am truly sincere about it, and I have come across very few who didn’t like it…so before one talks about how “Snotty” we are, please note, that is only your perspective…not everyone’s…

  19. Barista_Joshua Reply

    BTW…Trying to find ways to “Torment” Barista’s such a immature thing to do..Find something else to occupy your day, or as one person put it “to brighten” your day…please, most of us work hard for our money…just like you. so, grow up!

  20. Barista Reply

    Hey, I am a barista, and I’d like to let you know that we have ZERO control over what corporate does. Most of us would like to throttle the person who came up with “tall” as a small size as well, but what can we do? If you start heckling us for things out of our hands, it’s just retarded. We laugh at you behind your backs. It’s just as much fun trading douchebag customer stories as it is for you to be the douchebag customers.

  21. Marshal Reply

    FYI, they don’t charge you for a tall when you ask for a small to make you pay more, they do it because a tall has the same ounces as a standard small anywhere else. You can only get a short if you order hot drinks, and it’s only offered because when someone orders a solo, dopio, tripio or quad(which are shots of espresso) they come in a short cup. Also, I don’t use solo, dopio, tripio or quad to sound snoody, they’re used because a double-shot is an actual drink.

    IIRC, the correct calling order is size, shot numbers, dairy type(as well as wet, dry, extra foam, no foam, etc), flavoring syrup, drink, and then customizers(whip, drizzle, etc), but I can’t remember for sure. Also, if it’s not the standard, everything isn’t called out. If you order a venti vanilla latte, the barista will just call a venti vanilla latte, but if you order a venti skinny half calf vanilla latte, they’ll call venti skinny half calf vanilla latte. If you look at the back of your cup it has the little boxes that get labeled and they’re on there in the order they’re ‘supposed’ to be called to make it easier on the Barista.

    I did want to say that 99% of the time when a Barista corrects you or asks an insane amount of questions it’s because we want to make sure you get exactly what you ask for. For example if someone just asks for a medium chai, the barista will usually say “Did you want a grande hot chai tea, or a grande chai latte” because a hot chai tea is done with a teabag and is just tea and water, and a chai latte is chai concentrate with steamed milk and water, so it’s a big difference, and because it’s a hot drink grande is read back to make sure it is a grande the customer wants since both are available in short because they’re both hot drinks.

    And in case anyone was wondering, there really isn’t a way to ‘torment’ a barista. Most of us are pretty sarcastic and find people asking for a pepsi or a short frappucino funny. Also, when we apologize for something, we usually mean it. Starbuck’s drills it into us to be the BEST customer service employees in the industry so we get two weeks of training, and a large part of that is seeing everything from a customer’s point of view.

    And don’t forget to tip! We need it! The hourly wages aren’t great when you start, but all of the benefits you get make up for it, so the tips are always really appreciated. In fact when we do get someone who tips we usually genuinely thank them and then let everyone know “That guy just tipped us” and we remember that for the next time they come in.

  22. Patja Reply

    Dumb people. You don´t like Starbucks, but you are still enlarging their profit. You too alow this company to grow and build new branches all over the world. And there they go! Destroy one hundred years old caffe in the heart of Prague and make it a Starbucks coffee. Great. Go to hell.

  23. Jessica Reply

    I am a starbucks employee and I don’t care whether people say tall or small. It doesn’t bother me at all. And our job is not as easy as you think. Not only do we have to remember all the drinks, but there’s a lot of cleaning involved. For those who think our jobs are easy, I would love for you to be on bar during 10am on a Friday morning, I’m sure your opinion would be changed. I just want you to know I work hard for my paycheck and I try to keep customers happy, and I really do appreciate your tips, it helps with gas money. Starbucks is great, they work with my college schedule and I’ve met some pretty cool people. Oh and the short size, we mostly use those cups for kids drinks and espresso shots. And the short is not much cheaper than a tall, I like short only because it’s the same amount of caffine just less milk so it’s stronger and you can drink it faster.

  24. anonymous Reply

    I work at Starbucks. I don’t care what order you say your drink in! I’d like you to start with size, so I can write it down, but I’m not too worried about it.

    But seriously.
    FUCK the person who said we don’t deserve tips. You have NO IDEA.
    We bust our ass for pennies, dealing with assholes like YOU, and you have the balls to say we don’t deserve tips? Are you fucking kidding? Come get through a morning rush with me. Then we’ll talk.

    The fact that you would title something “how to torment a starbucks employee” just confirmed your ticket to hell.

  25. 123456 Reply

    Hey, anonymous! When Starbucks starts paying the equivalent of a server’s hourly wage (roughly $3, depending on the state), then we can talk about tipping.

    You’re reasons for why you deserve a tip apply to nearly all customer service jobs. By your reasoning, I need start tipping employees at The Gap

  26. seatownbarista Reply

    Herm.. I’m a barista at starbucks. there is really a site on how to torment your barista…Wow.. You people must love decaf.

    Sorry we are doing our jobs the way we were trained.. You must like something about Starbucks, or you wouldnt be frequenting.

  27. seatownbarista Reply

    about the tip thing.. dont tip if you dont feel like you need to.. no biggie. You’ve probably never earned tips before it’s okay.

  28. Kristin Reply

    I just find it hillarious that you guys felt the need to start posting ways to piss of baristas.
    Do you forget who is making your drinks? Is it REALLY a good idea to piss us off? O_o

    It takes a lot more than asking for a pepsi or saying “small” instead of “tall” to irritate us.
    we couldn’t care less. (yes, I’m a barista as well.) You can say “small”, “medium” or “large” all you want. (Its much easier for us that you order that way than if you get pissy because you ordered a “tall” and thought you were getting “the big size”.) We know what you’re talking about. I can say from experience that the ONLY reason I will say the order back to the customer is so that I can mentally process what I’m entering onto the order sceen. And yes, we process “small medium and large” to “tall grande venti” in our heads. Thats just how you begin to think when working at starbucks.
    When someone orders a “grande sugar-free vanilla late made with whole milk and three splenda, extra hot in a venti cup with extra whipped cream and chocolate drizzle and no sleeve”, we need time to think about what the hell you just said.
    And with all the patience it takes to put up with some customers we have, yes. We deserve the tips. The pay is not as good as one would think.

  29. UK Reply


    Do you honestly believe that this “identify a small as a tall” policy was devised, implemented and imposed by the bottom-level employees which you claim to enjoy “tormenting”?

    That’s right, the daft choice of names for sizes are nothing to do with them, they’re simply doing their job. As Chica_Maria pointed out, they’re only doing it because somebody higher up is pressuring them to do it.

    It’s not a fun job, it pays peanuts, and it could do with a lot less morons like you trying to make it more difficult for no reason other than your baseness and lack of morality.

    I’m aware this post is over four years old, so i sincerely hope you’ve grown up a little since then. Your life goal, as stated is to “Treat others with respect and always try to help others”. I suggest that if you even want to achieve that goal, you should start by not posting shit like this in the future, and finish by implimenting a little more thought, consideration and care for others into your everyday activities.

  30. Sam Reply

    you people are funny.

    Go brew your own coffee if you don’t wanna pay 45 cents for 4 oz of hot milk lol. (and really? You’re bitching about 45 cents? Why are you in starbucks if 45 cents is going to break the bank?)

    If you don’t want to tip, don’t tip. It’s no sweat off my balls.

    Drinks are called differently than the way you order them so that we can remember what was called and write it down so your retardedly picky drink isn’t forgotten. oh, a small 170 degrees with a half of a splenda, 2 pumps of mocha, light whip, half caff, stirred, upside down, assfucker? actually small is tall biotch, so lick my nuts and learn how to say your order.

    speaking of, I don’t care what you call the sizes. It took me forever before I worked there to remember what the hell was what. When people look confused I ask them, “small medium or large” if you turds can’t remember 3 words, but can remember to order a ridiculous drink and not tip, then you’re just too stupid to drink starbucks, go get yourself some dunkin donuts. And don’t forget, “America gets the runs on Dunkin”

    And yes, when I got the job there they asked me if I would like to be called “asshole making drinks”, “uneducated shitfucker”, or “barista”. Seeing as barista makes me sound much more intelligent and cool as cool can be, I went with that.

    Any city that has a shit ton of starbucks has other coffee shops, go there because we don’t want you either. Any city/town that is really small wont have a starbucks, but instead a mom and pop place. So anyone bitching about ordering at starbucks in this thread is retarded. This however does not include the original author because he was just having fun with his time in there. understood. the rest of you are morons though. =)

    I really hope that you dumb asses are getting mad and reposting to this because I will never see it =)

    and the next time one of you fucktards from this thread orders an iced, 1/3 caff, venti, vanilla, caramel, 1%, with foam, 2 equal, stirred, extra caramel, with whip and drizzle, caramel machiatto… just remember that I am going to put visine in your drink. and you don’t want that. Look up what it does. and that’s why you either tip, or dont go to fucking starbucks you retarded fucking dick farmers. =)

  31. Your an idiot Reply

    You really shouldn’t mess with people who make your food. Just saying. Come in and be rude to a barista and prepare to get decafed, or extra fat. Trust us you won’t know the difference. We deal with people like you all day long and in the end you’ll tell your friends “Ahaha Im soo cool I went into starbucks like a dumbass and ordered a medium, I showed that barista” when really we get the last laugh. Because that drink you ordered with nonfat milk was made with whole milk, oh and with sugar free vanilla wasn’t sugar free and I added 3 extra pumps. Those shots? Decaf and expired. En fucking joy =] So please mess with a barista again! You guys make our days so much more fun!

  32. Mark Reply

    Almost five years this thread has been running; I’m surprised it isn’t longer.

    123456, your counter-argument with regard to tipping is equally silly. Starbucks baristas generally start at their state’s designated minimum wage, as do restaurant servers. Yes, restaurant servers make “roughly $3 [per hour]” but that’s not actually what they’re pulling in.

    No matter what your occupation, state and federal law dictates that a minimum wage standard be upheld. If a restaurant server makes $3/hour, they make up the difference (and hopefully more) by way of tips. If tips don’t cover the gap, the employer must pay the difference to meet the minimum.

    Restaurant servers work for tips, Starbucks baristas do not. We highly appreciate tips but it is certainly not expected. If a customer doesn’t leave a tip, we take no offense. If they do leave a tip, awesome.

  33. Judy Reply

    You should be able to order anyway you want any drink. If an employee gets annoyed because it’s a “complicated drink” (which none of them are) then they can go get a different job. That’s what they get paid for. Say it how you want to they understand you, but they should repeat it back to you in the terms that they have to use. It is supposed to keep a consistency between each store to make sure it’s the same every time, no matter where you go. Not every Starbucks worker is rude but there are some real butts that work there just like every other job.

    You don’t have to tip and if they shove it in your face then don’t tip them. They get tips because they make crap and they are told if they want to make more money, to cater to each costumer well enough were they would deserve a tip. If they don’t deserve it cause they are rude don’t care or you don’t feel like it then don’t. But if you like it give your change or something. If you do go during a busy time and they may not have time to treat you like a king or queen, give them a break at least they didn’t waste your time and you got what you wanted, especially in the drive thru.

    I used to work there for a while and worked myself through the company until I graduated from college. They provided awesome benefits and gave me the a job during crappy times in the economy. I dealt with some pretty bad people as customers but I understand about the coffee snob atmosphere and the barista’s are not entitled to anything more then they same respect they give you.

  34. Buster Chopps Reply

    “Why do customers insist on calling them small etc.?”
    How about we are the customer and we are paying for a commodity we want?
    Here’s a clue; it’s not all about you! Get it?

  35. Erin Reply

    So I also work for starbucks as far as tips go I always see a tip cup at chiptole and I always tip. I leave my pennies to cashiers for there over short, I went to college and would rather be working at starbucks than be some lazy douche bag and collect unemployment because I feel a job is beneath me. Even if its not what I choose to do with the rest of my life it is still my job and I will do it to the best of my abilitiy I do not expect anyone to memorize the size of our drinks or the order they need to give me there drink in, thats my job I have dental, vision, a 401K and stock options which is way more than most people my age can say so make fun and stop hatin’ cuz u outa work

  36. me Reply

    if you have so much issue with with the order in which the barista says your drink perhaps you should stop being so damn picky and keep it simple!..we’re just doing our job! just like how you’re most likely heading to your job after you stop in to judge and chide us. you call us coffee snobs…what are you then for coming into the place and ordering something like a Venti quad 3 pump sugar free vanilla nonfat xhot no water no foam add whip cream at 146 degrees chai latte?? you really think that’s NOT being a snob? really??? I’d like to challenge any of the customers to get up at 3:30 in the morning to come in at 4:30, clean, and prep for a day of pretending to be friendly and perky to a bunch of grumpy, miserable people…you think the job’s a breeze..then come on and give it a try

  37. sbux7164 Reply

    There is an order to which you should order any drink due to the old school method of the variegation marking the cups. You can see the the correct wayto order actually listed on your cup it starts from top to bottom. First obviously you should state the size of the drink due to the fact its what will get you’re whole drink startedfor instance say I wanted a Grande…I would start my orderwith that. The first box on the cup is decaf..if you don’t want decaf skip this section and move on but if you prefer decaf state this after the size. Next box is shots the tall=1SHOT grande=2SHOTS &u the Venti also gets 2SHOTS if you want more than the standard then state how many you would like total. Ex. 1=one 2=slumber 3=triple 4=quad. After that it is the syrup box obviously state the flavor you would like if no flavor skip this step and move on. Thenext box is milk if you prefer soy,nonfat, or whole milk you will have to state that in your order because 2%I is the standard. Next is accustom box ..if you want to add/remove whip cream ir change the temperature, add extra caramel or have your drink stirred or made upside down etc…. the lastly you would state your actual drink … I’ve provided an example below that fills all boxes on the cup.

    Ex. I want a medium sized mocha that is made with 1extra shot if espresso that is also decaf but I want only 2pumps of mochaand I want soy milk with no whip cream. It’s usually made too hot so I want it at a lesser temperature this example ill make it 130°is rather than the 150°standard its usuallymade at so I would order this as follows:

    *Grande Decaf Triple Two Pump Soy No Whip 130° Mocha.

    That would be a standard correct way to order but I am a barista currently for Starbucks and I could care less how you order it as long as you don’t forget anything lol im even downd with the whole small medium large thing. Starbucks provides the opportunity to pretend like you’re hugh class snob but I know we’re all real people and I don’t expect everyone to order this way and as a barista I should be helping you figure out what you want not the other way around. Our job is to make you’re coffee ordering experience easy. Afterall who want s to start their day out by arguing with someone about their coffee lol. So although this is the correct way ti place an order please feel free to order it to the best of your ability we’re here to help you with the rest. Love you guys take care.

    Ps. Im on a phone with auto correct so I apologize for any grammatical issues including words that don’t make sense in the sentence lol it does that lol.

  38. Brian Reply

    We’re just people trying to work through a college education like the rest of the world. It doesn’t make us angry if you call a stupid drink a small. and yes you SHOULD ALWAYS tip. That’s just called being courteous. If the coffee is too expensive, drink quicktrip. Fuck you.

  39. thatonebarista Reply

    hey everyone.
    calm down.
    those who are immature, will be immature. there’s no helping it. the baristas are generally easy-going, happy-go-lucky people who respect you whether you respect them or not. the few who aren’t always chatting with you, have just been there long enough to see that you don’t respect them back (directed at those who know they don’t respect hard workers). the reason many baristas choose to work at starbucks rather than any other shop is for the human connection, because the baristas would -like- to get to know you; they would -like- to serve you. those chatty smiling baristas– they -want- to make your day better. they -want- to give you something to start your day. they -want- to see you smile. if dissing them is what makes you happy, they may mind for a second… but then the next customer steps up to say hi. and then it all goes away and they’re there to serve -happily- again.
    yes, there are the few who are disenchanted by the growth focus that caused the starbucks market downfall in ’07-’08, inciting the book “Onward” by the ceo of starbucks, and they work for the paycheck and because they are talented in perfecting your drink. they don’t need to talk to you or to make your day seem better. but that doesn’t stop them from working hard for you. perhaps you should try ‘tormenting’ the kind of people who dont try for you. i guarantee the baristas at starbucks are not included in those.
    try for them, because (even if they don’t seem like it) they try for you, and it breaks their hearts to not see it show in your face every day.

  40. Sam C Reply

    You guys finding ways to torment baristas is one reason why I quit working for starbucks.

    Honestly, if I didn’t need the money, I wouldn’t have worked there for 5 years. They pay decent, and tips is what pays for my bus fare to and from work. If you guys think all we do is pour coffee, then that’s your problem. But I spent 5 years cleaning up after your kids, cleaning your toilets, and making sure that NO ONE spits in your drink because you pull immature stunts like these.

    I honestly couldn’t care how you called your drink to us, we correct because we’re told to, and we do it so we can keep our jobs. I never once gave attitude except for when someone threatened to get me fired because I didn’t wipe her table down when I was the only one on the floor ringing up and making drinks for customers.

    If you’re getting attitude, then report them. Or better yet, go somewhere else. People who give attitude shouldn’t be working there, and I doubt there’s anyone else that will deal with that bullshit.

    I have worked at worse jobs than these, that pay even less, yes. But I have never before dealt with a more difficult customer base. Someone who wants 1/2 a splenda in their latte, or wants us to put cream and sugar in their coffee (when there’s a condiment bar to do it yourself) and then complains that we did it wrong.

    Really, it’s your fault for spending close to $5 for something you can get at McDonald’s for half the price. You’re paying for the brand, and that’s all there is to it. I’ve been called a bitch because people holding their money out of their windows gets their bills blown away by the wind. And mind you, this was in an “upscale” neighborhood.

    Also keep in mind that we’re not fucking stupid. I know people who have masters degrees in mathematics and work at starbucks because it’s impossible to find a job.

    Seriously, shame on you all, for tormenting people who are serving things you’re about to consume, and just want a day’s work. Let’s just hope your kids don’t have to deal with the humiliation and degradation from people like you when they’re just trying to be an honest person who works for their money.

  41. BJG Reply

    By the way, we repeat your order so the barista on bar knows what to make you, and the order in which we call it is so we can keep it straight. Just procedure.
    And if you don’t like it, while we would love your business, there are other coffee shops.

  42. Paul Reply

    Hey, y’all. I’m a Starbucks barista and I find most of this utterly insulting! I’m in school and trying to make ends meet and can barely do that. I have several regular customers who invite me to hang out and tell me about their personal happenings – my dearest customer had her grandmother pass away last week and confided in me. We’re not snobs, we’re just blue collar workers. We’re blue collar works who are – mostly – trying to better our lives. And don’t forget that we’re the ones behind the counter and serving you your hot beverage. My partners and I often feed free espresso shots, flavors, and even free full drinks to customers that are genuine to us.

    And 123456 – as far as your comment on tips, I work in Oregon. There is no different minimum wage for restaurant servers. When I started at Starbucks, I was making $8.50 plus my measly $1.40/hour of tips while restaurant servers were making $8.50 plus their pockets full of tips.

  43. Barista :D Reply

    I’m a starbucks barista, and this website is utterly stupid and a waste of time….I go to work each day to make a living for myself…I’m in college and I’m entering the polic academy next year……I find everything about tormenting barista’s to telling us we dont deserve tips dumb…and not thought through.

    We are just doing are jobs….I work my butt off at work, and most of our regulars are the nicest people. However, when we get jerks coming thorugh acting like they run the world it only makes me not want to help them…and to do the least bit of work i can on their drink…seriously…It makes me mad when crabapple people come through and hold me up with stupid complaints and such…I’ve got a job to do and if you dont like Starbucks then dont go! there are plenty of people who love it!

  44. BHolla13 Reply

    Ya know I’m a barista and I don’t know why you’d wanna mess with us. We try to get your coffee out as fast as possible and as maturely and genuinly as possible. I’ve only been working there for a month and like Paul I’m a student paying my way through school. How would you like it if we came to wherever you worked and messed with you because we thought hell that’ll be funny. besides guys it doesn’t matter if you ask for a small, medium, or large…. we’re still gonna know what your talking about and it doesn’t really piss us off. We do many hours of training just to know what the customer means when they all us a drink. If this is what you do to kill the time I would highly suggest getting a life. Try getting a job a starbucks.

  45. Barb Reply

    Okay, idiots. They ask because a “small” could either be a “short” (8 oz) or a “tall” (12 oz), whichever you as the customer thinks is right. It’s you who don’t know what you’re talking about. If you order a “medium,” they’ll ask if you mean a “tall” or “grande” (16 oz), simply to make sure you (the indecisive and picky customer) get exactly what you want. Clear? Maybe YOU should be more clear.

  46. exbarista Reply

    I’m not typically a hater, but this is ridiculous. Working in the service industry is often degrading, it’s hard, messy, dirty work for the benefit of people who don’t appreciate it. I understand that there are snotty baristas, just as there are snotty customers. But intentionally harassing someone who’s already paid not only to do his/her job, but also has to put up with naturally irate people–that’s just wrong. I appreciate your sense of humor–but put it to better use. Please?

  47. M Reply

    As a starbucks employee I just have to say, don’t hate on us for what the company makes us do! We don’t like it anymore than any of you!

  48. get a life Reply

    so i was online looking for the starbucks benefits site
    where i can find out about how to enroll in the stock purcase plan, and this stupid page came up.
    i know this was originally posted years ago but i cant help it….

    you guys are so retarded. i work at starbucks in hawaii and i love it. when people order a small it doesnt bother me. yeah ill say tall when i repeat it back but its just a reaction built in after months of hearing it.

    anyway, do you have nothing better to do? its kind of pathetic that you think that you have an actual influence on someones day because of these dumb tactics. get a productive hobby. this charade will probably last about 2 minutes tops and probably wont be too memorable in comparison to the real trials that come throughout the day.

    you can hate starbucks as much as you want, and channel all of your energy into trying to make the job horrible but at the end of the day, its still fucking great. you know why? because the people that work there are awesome, most of the customers are awesome. the pay is decent for the job, $9 plus about $2.50 in tips per hour. benefits are amazing, they match your 401k investments, they provide insurance that covers massage therapy (probably to try to compensate for us having to deal with you morons) i could go on and on. but i still need to find that stock purcase page.

  49. MDBarista Reply

    Not to beat a dead horse but some of you people are real special. After working at one of the busiest mall stores on the east coast I can’t say I’m surprised. We repeat your order for accuracy, not to feel superior. If you order a large skinny latte with an extra shot, as the bar partner I’m annoyed with the register that they didn’t clarify your drink and that you don’t know it’s going to be called out as a triple venti non-fat latte.

    As far as tips go, don’t tip if you didn’t have a positive experience. If you don’t think we deserved it then by all means, don’t. hopefully people know we don’t just pour coffee though. we make extremely specific drinks all day, deal with the same troublesome customers everyone else deals with, keep our stores clean, push out high volumes of drinks(at my store during black outs on weekends its easily 200+ drinks an hour). All with a smile on our face. Oh in addition,theres no pay difference between stores. I get paid the same hourly wage at a high volume store as someone that makes 30 drinks an hour. More transactions = more tips (in theory)

    I like my job. I don’t even mind douchebag customers. I’ll laugh about them after they’re out of ear shot. I like my regulars. I remember their drinks and try to make sure they don’t have to wait. As a barista we deal with a lot of bs. I (and no one else) don’t care if you call them small medium large because it isn’t your job.we know what you meant.if you enjoy being difficult good for you. You’re in my store for a tiny portion of my day.if you come in a lot I try to know what you want. I want you satisfied and out our door as fast as possible, which oddly enough is probably exactly what you want too.Stop meeting so petty.

  50. EataFatOne Reply

    So i read about the first five comments and one of the last two from an employee, i want to first say to all you who think were being snobby by repeating the drink back in a very clear way so you can get it right next time, your just really f***ing dumb for not knowing how to say it when its right on the side of the cup you drink out of everyday. Read it down, that’s how it goes. You also don’t irritate us by anyway of ordering because more then likely we have heard it more than once and have got worse, so this article is a joke in its self. Next i would like to say that as far as tips that i read, chipotle deserves them more? How so? Because the cook gives the food to the 3 or 4 employees that scoop it and don’t move, tell me, do they grab tons of products and make sure that if your food isn’t exactly to the key point you wanted it, even after you ate it all you get another one on the house. Do they clean the floor that you walk on every ten minutes, do they make sure you have the freshest milk for your coffee and if not immediately get you some more right out the fridge. No, they don’t, am i saying they don’t work for there money, no, because i’m not an asshole who sits on his fat ass at an office job dealing with only his boss, i’m a person who fuels all of the assholes like the people that write on this article, i wouldn’t be surprised if you are at Starbucks using our WiFi for free the majority of the time your on the internet. So just think about how you could be at some shitty mcdonalds somewhere drinking coffee that doesn’t get changed every 8 minutes, it gets changed every other hour, maybe you should study more on what you talk about before you open your mouth, and also remember this, we know how to change your drink w/o you noticing when your being a shitty customer, and i do it all the time so f##k off and go to Denny’s for some shitty coffee if your not satisfied.

  51. Barista101 Reply

    I just wanted to let all of you know the reason behind the size names. Starbucks started with one size, which means, they didn’t have to name it. Yet, as time went on people wanted a larger size so they named the small size “small” (for obvious reasons) and the bigger size “tall”. Then people wanted an even larger size so they figured grande means large and people could figure out that this meant “larger than tall”, so they named it “grande”. Then customers wanted an even LARGER size so they named it “venti”, which means 20 in Italian, and wouldn’t you know… The venti is 20 oz! So it makes sense, but most people think it was some stupid random thing Starbucks made up, when it was really just the customers who kept complaining who made Starbucks name them in the first place.

    Also, Starbucks is a corporation, they are NOT franchised. They have licensed stores, but no store is a franchise! Learn the difference, it’s not hard.

    Something else you people keep commenting on is the drink calling and trying to tick off the baristas… here’s something to think about instead of how to bother the barista… It’s you, the customer, who CHOSE to go to Starbucks and yet you feel like you have to be rude to the people who are working there? Do they go to your work planning on making your day crappy? I feel like you all should tell everyone on here where each of you people work and we’ll go to your jobs and be rude and see how much you like it… Does that sounds right to you?

    So, basically, if you want to be rude to people just because you can, grow up. It’s a form of bullying and seriously annoying, so you should just learn to get off the playground of life and be nice to people and maybe they’ll be nice back.

  52. Joel Reply

    I’m a “barista’, and honestly – none of this makes a bit of difference. You think we’re being snobs, but there’s a system in place so we can get a higher percentage of drinks made accurately (according to how *your* ridiculous order sounds) when we have 1500 customers per day. It has nothing to do with us… it’s a SYSTEM! So relax… our life sucks enough. If you want to torment someone, fire off an email to Howard. Bother him with all your whining about his system. And if that gets you nowhere, then go to instead. For every one who leaves, two more will come.

  53. Girl Reply

    Why be rude and purposely mess with someone who is just trying to do their job? It is a company standard, as I have been a barista for over two years, and although Starbucks is a fantastic company to work for it does have silly rules like implying the tall grande venti system. But with that being said it is our job to call them those sizes, and I have no problem meeting customers half way if someone is new I explain to them the sized as small medium or large. It’s unfortunate to read some of these comments because it is disheartening to see people are purposely mean to us, which is just wrong considering we are not of a superiority complex or lesser just because we make coffee for our jobs. Consider that most of these barista are just trying to do the same as you, pay your bills and live your life.

  54. Chris Reply

    Wow. I hope someone comes in to torment you at all of your jobs. Do you really get pleasure out of harassing younger people that are most likely working their way through school?

    You do know that the order sequencing of drinks, as well as the names, are required by upper management. These poor kids will actually get in trouble and could possibly be fired for not doing so.

    As for tips. If you don’t like the idea, then don’t give one. Don’t start bashing others who wish to do so.

  55. Nam Reply

    I work at starbucks and I do admit that sometimes the orders are kind of difficult and really don’t know how to make it simpler for the common good. But it’s not about tipping or we make your life miserable. I try to make everything just as YOU like it. If you didn’t like it well then, I gave my best and please don’t discriminate because we have to take your bullsht.

  56. Barista. Reply

    Seriously, you people need re-evaluate your lives. You honestly need to find better ways to feel better about yourselves, other than going to a place of business just to ridicule and belittle people behind the counter. You cowardice pigs. Serve me my crack and put extra caramel all over it, What? You decided to name your sizes different names in order to stand out to me? You’re idiots and I want what you have. Shut up and do it the way I want it. You are nothing and there’s nothing you can do about it because you really don’t want to do anything that may jeopardize your source of income right? That’s right, make my beverage the way I want it even if it doesn’t make sense and do it with a smile. Serve all 340 of us every 2 hours and deal with all of our abuse because you are Starbucks, you are robots and not individuals. If I have a problem with your place of employment, you are also a part of the problem. You want a tip? How about the paper sleeve of my straw in your tip jar, how about all this sugar and milk I left all over your counter, how about my nasty tampon I decided to leave in your toilet., coffee I spilled on your floor, or maybe this newspaper I read entirely and then hastily stuffed back into the rack, or maybe you just get to enjoy making my large mocha blended with extra caramel all over the bottom middle and top of the cup, with two add shots of decaf for some dumb reason, non-fat because I’m trying to watch my figure, in a bigger cup to get some more whipped cream, because I spilled it outside putting my nasty feet on your table where people eat. And you will make it free of charge. There’s your tip you scum. Am I right? First world problems are always the most important. Go America!

  57. Johnny Jaramillo Reply

    Okay! Most Starbucks employees are very nice people with an exception of some employees that are over 35 years old. Then occasionally you will get a “not so bright” greeting but still very acceptable. Honestly Starbucks employees put up with a lot of crap from people that aren’t even messing around, so cmon now?! Why torment?

  58. Paige Reply

    I am a starbucks Barista, we only tell you the size so you know how to order, you don’t go to mcdonalds and ask for a whopper do you? P.s a coffee at starbucks is only 30cents difference from timhortons and if your a loyal Starbucks buyer( have a gold car) which is easy to get you get FREE refills all day after buying one coffee. Third yes we do deserve tips because we work very hard, you try memorizing 35 different drinks than having people request what percentage of milk they would like and specifying the density of foam when there are 15 cups in a row and all have to be made within 5min, while cleaning the bar, moping floors, sanitizing all utensils after every beverage. LASTLY,we only repeat the order back to you to make sure its right, yes we say it in the order its written on the cup because that’s what were taught to do. Seriously yall are insulting and need to find something better to do than insult us baristas! Starbucks gets involved than more community work than your minds are even aware of, and they don’t go around boasting about it.

  59. Anony0137 Reply

    I’m a Starbucks employee…

    We could care less how you say your drink. It doesn’t annoy us. We recall it the way we’re suppose to. Don’t get so damn offended.

    You tip a bartender when they make your drink right? What the hell do you think we do? We don’t get offended if you don’t tip either, so you can count that out of your “annoyance” event.

    We live in a corporate world. If you don’t like it, don’t walk through our doors. So support some local place. We don’t care. I get paid whether or not you come in.

    If you act rude or are a douche. You just become our jackass story of the day and then you’re forgotten.

    Most of us are genuinely nice people. If you don’t like us, we don’t lose sleep over it. It’s a job, it pays the bills, and most of the time we get amazing connections to jobs, events, and products bc we network so much.

    If you think you can annoy us and ruin our day. Your sadly mistaken. Besides, a general rule of thumb is you probably shouldn’t be an ass to anyone who serves you anything you consume.

  60. BaristaC Reply

    Seriously!!!! They are just doing their job the way they are supposed to so they can make a living. Do you hate on the ppl at McDonald for asking you if you want fries with that? You think they are snobs or that you are messing with them by saying small or medium, they have to say tall or grande or they get bitched out by their boss.

  61. really? Reply

    coffee or espresso shots will cover the taste of toilet water. dont fuck with the people who handle anything youre going to consume. idiots.

  62. EmilyDelta Reply

    Yeah, this is hilarious for me since I work at a starbucks.

    For starters, ‘Tall’ is a small cause origionally there were only two sizes. Nobody is trying to be cute with names. We have to repeat it with ‘the proper term’ so that the person working bar will hear us and start your drink right away.

    Sometimes it’s hard not to be a snob when majority of our customers are very rude to us. Try getting yelled at everyday because people forget to mention they want no foam and stick their hand into their HOT drink and start splashing it at you. It’s total BS.

  63. Stephanie Reply

    Ok to all of you I just want to say I work at Starbucks and yes it may not be the most glorified job in the world but at least there is someone who is willing to deal with all of the stuck up people that come in and get mad at us baristas for doing our job the way we HAVE to just like all of you have to do stuff the way your boss wants you to or you get in trouble. I think that it is very petty that all you want to do is make life that now a days is already hard enough harder I just want to finish by saying shame on you for judging

  64. abarista Reply

    Order a small and I will read back small every time. Its our policy. Dont come into my work to make my day harder eaither. Most of us work very hard. I work 2 jobs. I don’t have time or the patience for you o mess with us. Thats a really good way to get your drink decaffinated. Or so I have been “told”. 🙂 be respectful. We are required to say things a certain way. Plus we are just doing our jobs. I don’t come to your place of business and mess with you. The only real snobs in this situation are you problem customers who make orders take longer on purpose. Oh and as always, have a wonderful day! 🙂

  65. bbees Reply

    I work at Starbucks. I am a certified barista, certified barista trainer, and I have almost completed my training to become a coffee master. First of all, I don’t appreciate being called a “coffee slut”. Second of all, I have far more knowledge than you will ever have about coffee, tea, and customer service. My Starbucks serves roughly 150 customers per hour, and our customer voice is 82% out of 100%. We scored a 92 out of 100 on our recent EcoSure evaluation. My fellow partners and I work extremely hard to please our customers, whether they are regulars or first time visitors. We are not “snobs”. I, and the majority of my fellow partners, enjoy our jobs. And to the baristas BRAGGING about decaffing people, giving them whole milk when they asked for nonfat, giving them expired shots, etc.., you should be ashamed of yourself. You give a bad name to baristas, and this is why people talk shit on them and call them snobs. That’s a good way to lose your job, and if I knew what district you were in, I would call your DM because you don’t deserve to work for a great company like Starbucks. We do deserve tips. Whether we decaf you or take your harsh words with a grain of salt, we work HARD. I have worked for 10 hours with no AC, and a line out the door. I have been called incompetent and a piece of shit. I’ve had customers lie to my face so that they could get an additional drink for free. However, having people tell me that their drink is perfect makes my job worth it. It’s funny how the single moms, and teenagers who just got off work are the ones who tip most often. They’ve been in our shoes. Working hard. Lastly, you can call your drink whatever you want. If you are paying $6.00 for a Frappuccino, you can call it a Slurpee for all I care! If your barista is correcting you, they are out of line. Starbucks is a firm enforcer of “the customer is always right” mentality. I personally apologize if your barista IS a snob, but I assure you, we are not all like that. Some of us genuinely want to make people happy with coffee, and share our knowledge with them. I hope this clears up any misconception about Starbucks and its partners.

  66. Diva frAp Reply

    I’m glad to here people love about the job and here from people that shop the job. Starbucks is a great place to be with all people and enjoy something you like even if u don’t drink coffee they will have something for you. The people that work there are just doing their jobs so don’t be to hard. Also who care how u say it let the Starbuck figure it out and yes u will have the same think at the end of it. Also tipping should be everywhere I want a tip just because I said hi in the morning or when I take out the trash but that’s not the case, the tip are being shared with everyone that worked that shifted! Well I read and I laughed and some but can we all just get along

  67. TaylorSmyle Reply

    When a customer asks for a SMALL, I repeat TALL. It doesn’t bother me, I just want to make sure you know how stupid you sound 😉

  68. Bradley Reply

    As a Barista at Starbucks, I can say, personally, the size thing doesn’t bother me. While you’re average retail worker isn’t the brightest crayon in the box, there are those of us whom can infer from context. Btw, the “proper” order sequence (at least, how the manual says) is shots, size, syrup, milk, customizations, and finally drink. But no one, not even other Baristas, get it “right”.

  69. BuxGirl Reply

    For all you people who are wondering………..A tall is a “small” because when Sbux first started in Seattle, they only had 2 sizes. Short and Tall. When demand became greater they added sizes. Grande, Venti and now Trenta.

  70. Erin Reply

    Hi, guys,
    I’m actually a barista myself. At Starbucks, we’re supposed to call the products by what the company has named them, so when we correct you, we’re not being snobs; we’re just trying to spread the influence, is all.
    Noah, your post is really funny! xD It’s so true, and part of the reason that it agitates me when customers do that is that when they say they want a “small”, I can’t tell if they want something smaller than a tall (a.k.a., “short”) or if they actually want the tall size.
    If people order their size and drink in “Starbucks-ese”, it’s less confusing, inspires loyalty to the Starbucks brand, and more efficient so that we can serve our customers in a more timely manner. ^.^

  71. Michael Alexander Reply

    Torment? Really? Hahahaha, too funny! Ordering a small, medium or large would be the least of a barista’s customer problem! Seriously, 9.9 out of 10 could care less about that… If you do this, chances are you’ll be “corrected” with grande, venti etc, but it is simply nothing more than a routine to ensure accuracy and efficiency, for the customer. Plus when your a barista and deal with a 100 orders a day, those sizes become as second nature as small, medium and large…of course the names are silly, but you’ll never meet the person who made them up and it’s too late for them to go back now! It’s funny though, people order a “medium” a dozen timesI’m not projecting, this is me sharing my personal growth I’m working on FYI….Well I feel like I couldn’t get over Kelsey because I always hung on to the what if..what if I didn’t act out my insecurities so much, what if I actually gave happiness a chance? If I could have been happy with the now…it will always be a what if, but I’m done asking the question what if because it will only be what is……I haven’t been tested or tried yet by any means, but a day, I would never know they were trying to torment me 🙂 people call it what you want and that’s fine, this should never make waves. However, there may be a couple needles of snobby people in the haystack of baristas. Oh well! Life goes on 🙂

  72. kelly Reply

    I am a Starbucks barista and I have been for six years. I’ve never been pissed at someone referring to a middle sized drink as a medium. Or any other obvious size name for that matter. In fact, Starbucks encourages us to go along with this, especially since its common sense. To act snobbish as though a tall coffee was somehow different and much more classy than a small is the silliest thing I’ve ever heard. So if this is happening to you guys and gals out there, sorry your starbucks sucks so bad and hires hoity toity douche bags. Now something that does piss your Barista off, is when you walk in to a Starbucks during peak hours five minutes before you are scheduled to be at work and huff and puff around the store because your baristas “aren’t working fast enough.” Bitch please, at the end of the day your barista is still just flesh and bone and we don’t deserve to be pushed and drilled to work harder and faster for some dick like you who can’t grow the fuck up and get out of the house on time.

  73. James Reply

    Starbucks started with two sizes back in the seventies: short and tall. Makes sense, right? People kept asking for a bigger size, so they brought out grande, meaning big. Okay. Wanted a bigger size still, so they came out with the twenty-ounce, venti. Venti meaning twenty (it’s twenty-six ounces now, because freakin’ Americans still want bigger). In the US, fatass Americans get trenta for simple iced drinks. Trenta means thirty, so guess how many ounces it has?
    Oh, and remember: if you piss off your barista, they’re probably giving you decaf.