3 Tough Thursday Questions: Josh Spear

October 5, 2006 - Get free updates of new posts here

If you are hip with trends and cool things then you will know who Josh Spear is. Based in Colorado his full time job is spotting trends, writing them on his website and helping companies create new trends. I was able to ask him 3 questions for you.

josh spear

1- How did you become interested in trends?

I think it is from my parents open upbringing and the consistency to do it. I think that anybody can start a blog about cool t-shirts. The question is can someone do it 5 times a day every week.

2- What trends are you personally interested in?

Right now we are focused on integrating companies into the digital landscape. We build them into myspace.com/secondlife/im bots/podcasts/etc. Integrating them into what’s available but not through advertising or marketing. This new model is more as a resource for our clients.

3- How did you create a business out of it?

This was a total accident. The site was just a place for me to share cool things that I saw: music, travel, culture and design for family and friends. When tons of people started showing up (60,000 a month), it turned into a business. Over time more and more more people started to come and share the site with friends. Request for interviews came with time including the Denver Post. In a short period of 6 months it became a business. Audi was the first client and we’ve been fortunate to work with Nike & BMW.

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1 reply to “3 Tough Thursday Questions: Josh Spear

  1. Jason Reply

    There was a great news report on 60 Minutes I think about Cool Hunters a few years ago. I did read something in Fast Company, that businesses are starting not to use the services as much. Once its cool it is hard to captialize on it as a company. It feels forced. Either you are cool or not.