Back in My Day

September 26, 2006 - Get free updates of new posts here

Man, I remember those days. They were the good ol days that we played outside and got dirty in the mud. Here are some things we took for granted but we loved

driving directions

Maps: We had to call for directions. We had to pull out those huge maps while driving and see if we could figure the hell where to go. The compass was my only friend then. Now we have Google Maps where everything is given to you and there is no hard work.

yellow pages

Yellow Pages: Receiving that book was like getting an early Christmas present. I could find all those businesses, stores, friends and plumbers I needed. I use to lift the yellow and white pages for my daily work out. Now I just do a quick search to find my friends, restaurants or information I am looking for.

cassette player

Cassette Player: Fast forward. STOP! Argh, I missed the beginning of the song. Flip tape. Vanilla Ice really is the best artist ever. I can’t believe I can take my music with me wherever I go. I can listen to 1 hour of music, heck yea! Now I download 5,000 tracks on my iPod and can start/stop songs with the touch of a button.

myspace logo

Stalking: I remember that one time I cut my leg peeping through a window in the girl’s bathroom. Now I can just browse their profiles on Facebook or MySpace, so much easier.

Those were the days!

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7 responses to “Back in My Day

  1. Jason Reply

    Do not forget the games of hide and seek. Now the kids hide and seek each other online playing Halo or Doom.

    Back in my day we had to play hide and seek going uphill both ways. The only thing that distracted us was Mike Tyson’s punch Out and Sierra’s Police Quest on the computer.

  2. Paul McEnany Reply

    I wonder how many trees are killed for Yellow Pages that get thrown away? Whenever they come out, they just stack tons of ’em by the mailboxes at my apartment complex. Nobody picks them up, and then, after it rains and they’re ruined, suddenly, they’re gone.

    And why do they print so many of something no one wants?

    Keep them advertising rates up! It’s the blind leading the blind. I think I’d rather be able to breathe in 20 years rather than have extra yellow trash.

  3. Sri Reply


    Man… about Sierra games……those where the bomb!!

    I played Kings Quest, Police Quest, Space Quest, Black Couldron, Leisure suit larry and so on….I remember I was only 14 when I played Leisure suit larry and that game gave me a hard on all the time.

  4. Kira Reply

    Yeah a while ago a power surge blew out our internet router and my boyfriend was despondent because how are we ever going to find a Walmart at 10PM without the internet? I pointed out that we have a phone book and we could call them and ask them when they close. We do have a GPS navigator so we didn’t have to use a map though.