Book Review: The Game

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Last week in Los Angeles I was crashing at my friend Grant’s studio and I saw this bible-looking book on the ground. I read the title “The Game: Penetrating the secret society of pickup artists” and it sounded interesting. I started reading the book and couldn’t stop. It is the Da Vinci code of dating books. Here is a Game Book review.

the game book neil strauss pickup artists
The Game is about how Neil Strauss went from a regular writer who is shy of women to the best pickup artist in the world. I am not sure if it is true but it seems so real and includes so many great stories. Highlights include:

  • How his friend got Paris Hilton’s # in a taco shop
  • Real strategies and methods in use to pickup women.
  • Interviews with Tom Cruise and Courtney Love.

Neil Strauss aka “Style” turned picking up women into a science that he perfected over 2 years. For example, he talks about how to approach a woman from the side if she is with a friend at a bar. There are so many interesting tips and ways to talk with people from this book.

Bottomline: Whether you are a lonely guy looking to improve your game or want to just improve your social interaction, this is the book. Noah’s rating: Read it!

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23 responses to “Book Review: The Game

  1. Sian Liu Reply

    What i would like to Noah if anyone can tell me is not about how good the contents of the book are but rather if anyone has successfully tried the tactics outlined in the book?
    In any case, i like to read but i don’t drive so the option of buying at B&N is out regardless of what material its made out of so trying to borrow it at the library. Haven’t been successful though any ideas?

  2. Pat Phelan Reply

    I open this at least once a day.
    Just kidding, picked this up when it was featured in Vanity Fair
    Can’t remember where I dumped it
    Pure and utter drivel.
    Fake it until you can make it stuff.

  3. Sian Liu Reply

    Andy, i don’t think so i guess only selective titles and titles like this that can generate a profit, i don’t think Google has that arrangement with the publisher. But i am sure BT advocates will think otherwise.

  4. Martin Reply

    A couple of month the author of this book came to Norway, and caused a bit of stir in the media world (which translates to: nothing much was happening at the time). What struck me was that in all interviews he basically used the same phrases. Since the two main TV channels bring the news at the same time, it was quite fun hopping between the two.
    I hope that the real desirable woman do not fall for any lists like this…

  5. Damon Zuman Reply

    This book sounds like a perfect tie in with the upcoming movie School of Scoundrels :). I read The Game and while it’s very entertaining it may not be as helpful as books that deal directly with “social” pyschology like How to win friends and influence people or The tipping point. I highly recommend both and rest assured I am neither Dale Carneggie or Malcolm Gladwell hehe.

  6. Noah Kagan Reply

    I feel so out of the “game.” Everyone has read this book about a year ago and I just got into it. Better later than never. Another book I read was the

    Jeez Noah you read a lot of dating books. I just look for tips on social interaction and to see if I can learn anything=)

  7. Michael Reply

    I actually just finished this book up about two weeks ago, and couldn’t help but laugh when I saw you had reviewed it.

    It was a fun read, but it’s also had some interesting side effects on the two friends who recommended it to me [I’ve been in a steady relationship for a while so “the game” is a little off limits in practice ;)]. The two, who previously had a hard time even talking to girls, have been getting numbers with relative ease now, and in general are just a lot more fun at bars.

    I know a lot of people have been critical, especially before reading the techniques, of “manipulation,” but I honestly think a lot of the harmless banter the books and methods teach isn’t that far from the social skills classes taught in yesteryear — social skills that are generally neglected these days in primary education. Socializing can be a scary thing, and if you aren’t taught how to interact “in the wild,” having some fall backs can make life so much easier.

    Even if you are perfectly socialized, “The Game” itself reads more like a novel than a self-help book, and is an interesting cautionary tale about the thin line between being social — and being a social robot (perhaps a good companion guide to “never eat alone”?).

  8. J Reezy Reply

    DUDE — I so apologize. I thought you of all people would have known about that book/guide. It truly is the shit just be careful if you choose to use any of the examples in the book in real life… lol. A friend of mine used the “Maury Povich” example and the female was like you read the “GAME” didn’t you! lol… Anyway, that is too funny that you have the GAME on your page son. Holler at noahdov!

  9. craig Reply

    i’ve been studying abroad in italy the last year. not really knowing how to speak italian well enough to watch tv i found myself forced to read, or as it happens go to bars and pick up american girls. one of my roomates was reading this book. when i came back to the states i read it. many people seem to refuse to believe this book points out tips that actually work. i have a communications degree from college. some of the classes required to take are based on human behavior. one class was devoted to how male and females interact. this book, for the most part is dead on. the fact is woman give men signs to come over and talk to them 70% of the time. the only way to pick up a girl that isn’t giving you signs before talking to her is by disarming her. found this book to be insiteful and even e mailed some of my professors i still stay in touh with advising them to read it.