Friday Free Business Idea: salads

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The people in California are crazy about healthy lifestyles. We have so many gyms, you can’t smoke in your own house and we have a fair amount of healthy restaurants. The one problem I have is sometimes I just want a quick, large and healthy salad. I know my friend Laura would definitely agree. Plutos is the love her life but they don’t do only salads. Fresh Choice is good but it makes me pig out way too much with their unlimited buffet.


I want a huge salad that costs around $5 and I can leave the store within 5 minutes.

Bottomline: Sometimes I just want to be healthy and there is not a national chain that can do that for me. As always, if you go do this just buy me a burrito;)

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16 responses to “Friday Free Business Idea: salads

  1. Shivani Reply

    There are so many places! Here are a couple:
    Cafe Intermezzo-Berkeley-My absolute favorite 🙂
    Cafe Venue-San Francisco
    Napa Ranch-San Francisco
    Harvest and Rowe-San Francisco (good but more expensive than $5)

  2. Rich Dale Reply

    We don’t have this problem in Belfast. However our definition of a salad is some lettuce and tomato, chopped. Maybe some cucumber. Then several heaped cups of creamy coleslaw, or chicken-in-mayo (it bulks it out aparently) all topped off with some tasty dressing (only 50% saturated fat).

    Our salad are offered as ‘healthy’ alternatives to sandwiches but our vendor are too scared to disappoint, so excess flavour wins out over calorie count, and the point is lost.

    Sad, but also good, because it provides the motivation to develop cunning ways of packaging and preserving (until lunchtime) my own home-made, healthy concoctions instead!

  3. Noah Kagan Reply

    Those salad places are great but there are only 1-2 of them. I want a national chain so I know I can get a good salad anywhere I go in the states. Similar to Starbucks and coffee.

  4. Lo Reply

    Who’s Laura? Man. That broad needs to learn how to write engaging material.

    (Is that my punishment for not driving up to L.A. to hang out with you and bring you delicious San Diego burritos?)

  5. Nathan Waters Reply

    What ever happened to making your lunch at home and taking it with you to work?

    You can quite easily and quickly whip up a good salad, shove it in a container and take it with you.

    Damn Americanisation lol.

    But yeah, it’s a good idea for any existing food chain.

  6. Mehul Patel Reply

    I am super Passionate abt Healthy, Hygine, Veg Salads King Size very well balanced with enuf protiens and Anti Oxidants, but rite now very busy in Singapore and Bombay would love to do this in Frisco sometime soon 🙂

    Ideally combine Salads with hi-energy natural no fat drinks with combo’s of Ginseng, ACAI Berry, Wheat Grass and more

    Would love to introduce drinks like ‘Hangover Crusher’ and ‘Stay Young’ for peeps like us who surf 12 hours a day 🙂

    Anyone wanna partner?