I am a Virgin Day

September 21, 2006 - Get free updates of new posts here

Is today! Did you forget? Okay, it is not a real holiday but I am declaring it for myself. What does it mean?

I have erased all my blog feeds from my reader and started from scratch. So maybe a better title would be “born again feed reader day.” Virgin just sounds better.

madonna virgin

Why did I do this? I honestly waste so much time reading and browsing sites that don’t give me anything back. Start from Scratch.

I just did it and it feels great. Now I only put the sites I remember and that give me the most insightful content. So it is about finding the 80% of great content in the least amount of time. Now, will things slip through my crack. No pun intended;) Possibly, but I will get the majority of news I want and have tons more free time to waste or be productive on other things. Thanks Tim for the idea. My feed reader went from 411 to 18. Free yourself.

Bottomline: Start a new feed reader today and become free. Let me know how it feels.

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11 responses to “I am a Virgin Day

  1. hollyster Reply

    While you’ve been freeing your feeds, I’ve been growing my feeds. This is mainly because I want to keep up with a conversation that I’ve been having with that Blogger. It’s also a little bit of a social thing. I’ve started engaging in conversations and later want to keep up with them and continue talking to them. In some way feeds allows me to build relationships with bloggers…because as we all know blogs is a conversation.

    However, I do agree that 411 feeds is way to much to have anything real. It becomes a data dump. I’d say keep it to 150, and just cycle out the ones that you aren’t engaging conversation with to the blogger or about the blog.

  2. udandi Reply

    I would have cried tears as big as horse turds if you dumped my feed. okay, maybe not that big 🙂

    When I posted my make your own logo tee, I almost asked if I could use your URL for a tee because I just love it!

  3. Noah Reply

    I do this fairly regularly. I find the act very representative of how I *want* to be connected to everything, but in reality could not function normally in real life if I was. So every so often after I amass a load of feeds, I drop the ones that are on my periphery — either because they are *too* busy (which means I may benefit more with just a bookmark to the site) or because I’m simply not interested in the topics at the moment. Often, those feed sources come back, but I allow my reader to be a snapshot of my at-the-moment interests in order to optimize my *processing* of it, not just my awareness of it.

  4. Ray Dotson Reply

    I don’t think I could possibly deal with more than about 20 or 30 feeds. I have about 14 now and I check a couple of other sites every day. I usually just scan the headlines for most and only read the articles if they have a catchy title (anything with the word ‘Virgin’ in it usually makes the cut).

  5. Michael Morisy Reply

    Well, I finally took a deep breath and deleted all blog subscriptions not directly related to work (that still lives 22 blogs!).

    I had stopped reading bloglines for a month simply because I couldn’t keep up, and now it’s a breath of fresh air to see the relatively empty feeds.