Book Giveaway #3: The Starfish and the Spider

September 17, 2006 - Get free updates of new posts here

Auren recently introduced me to Ori Brafman the author of The Starfish and the Spider. I was fortunate enough to get an advanced copy and devoured the book. This is going to be the next big business book.

The idea of the book is how leaderless organizations succeed and how to create them. Some of the better known examples include craigslist, wikipedia, mysql, open source programming, alcoholics anonymous, kazaa lite and more…

the starfish and the spider

I have been working with Ori for his online strategy as I like the book so much and want to help get it attention. However, I am just one measely boy. We need your help.

The person who suggests and implements a creative way to get more people to know about the book wins an autographed copy.
That’s it. Leave a comment about your strategy and go do it. Deadline is this Tuesday (9/19) by 5pm.

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10 responses to “Book Giveaway #3: The Starfish and the Spider

  1. Dimitry Reply

    I think Ori should take advantage of the power of blogs and their followers. Find 5-10 top business blogs and their owners and send them advanced copies with only one single request, review the book on their site once they’re done with it.


  2. Rich Dale Reply

    I think Noah should publically dump one of his top 11 recommended books for entrepreneurs in favour of this one, thereby creating a fuss over Ori’s book superceding traditional thinking.

  3. nabil Reply

    Hi Noah,

    My suggestions is to send the book to some Trusted Authorities from (try to find their addresses and send them a book). If this book is really great, the ROI will be very very interesting for the author. I have no doubt about this.

  4. Laura Allen Reply

    Get Dina Kaplan from Blip TV to interview Ori and Rod about the power of Leaderless Organizations. Have Dina discuss Podcamp Boston with Ori and Rod. Podcamp Boston is an excellent example of a successful UNconference (Starfish) that was organized on a wiki and was a HUGE success with tons of people blogging and podcasting about it. Have Dina create a video blog of this interview and show it on Blip TV. Much has been written about how Vonage CEO Jeff Pulver took a real shine to Podcamp Boston, and how he told the CEO’s who attended the VON conference that they needed to watch organizations like podcamp, because they were going to be where the REAL change is.

    When Ori and Rod are speaking at Harvard in Boston they can speak about how podcamp is more of a starfish org. and how many of the CEOs who attended VON run spider companies. This will be a very relevant example to the folks at Harvard since there has been much talk about both conferences and they were both held in Boston. This is a very quick overview of a somewhat complex strategy idea, so let me know if you like it and I can send links or you can just search Podcamp Boston on Technorati and find most of this stuff.



    P.S. Have Ori and Rod create short podcasts that are quick summaries of points they make in the book. Get people listening to them and start a conversation.

  5. Jason Reply

    I know I am late, but I think the publishers should put one thousands books inside lagre bottles and cast them off to sea. Inside the books inside the bottles should be ten $100 bills. Basically it is a message in the bottle with two prizes inside. The cash and the book. People will be lining the coast looking for the bottles. Free PR.

    It also goes with the Starfish theme.

  6. Vin Reply

    Buzz baby! spread out a few “Pass me on” copies for people to pass it on once they’re done reading it! So If i get the book, once i’m done I do something similar on my blog and pass it on to one of my readers… 🙂