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Leroy from bloggingblog.net guessed the right # and gets an autographed copy of The Paradox of Choice.

Contest #2: Leave a comment by Friday at 1pm on a choice you made. Best one gets an autographed copy of Paradox of Choice.

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6 responses to “#63

  1. Luke Freeman Reply

    The best choice I made was to leave school at the age of 15 (year 10, Australia), start Uni via corresspondence, to make way for my sporting career (rowing) and web design business.

    I am now 17, into 2nd year Uni, representing my State and Country (NSW, Australia), own a business (Circularsquare.com.au) and am starting to bring rowing organisations into the 21st century (designing them usable, apealing, websites).

    Hope that counts for something.

    Keep up the good posting, its always a great read (semi-recent subscriber, enjoying it… to much procrastination for reading rss though).


  2. Dimitry Reply

    As soon as I’m done with my last year of school, I’m moving with my girlfriend to start a full time position with a firm in Silicon Valley. The choice I made was to accept a job 10 months in advance and I will be moving away from a very close family 2000+ miles away being only 21. I feel like I’m growing up way too fast, but at the same time I looking forward to it greatly.

    Lots of mixed emotions.

  3. Jeremy Reply

    To comment or not to comment? My choice is clear.
    As bloggers this is something that we all want our users to do…but how do we get them to make that choice without offereing something for free? Perhaps by starting a discussion, which as you all know, Noah is very good at, or perhaps it’s by giving your view on a certain topic that you don’t dumb down, or make it PC just for the sake of readership…. How do we influence someone’s choice?

  4. Ray Dotson Reply

    I made a choice recently to accept life as it is and to no longer be held back by fear. This has completely changed my outlook and made me much more hopeful for the future. I’ve found that your state of mind definitely does make or break your fortune in life.

  5. Harold Reply

    I once worked at an energy company in Texas. I was in the IT department and was having a sexual relationship with a woman working in the finance department. We became very close, but had to keep our relationship secret. Discrete trysts at lunch, weekend getaways, etc. After an evening of passionate lovemaking, she told me that there were some funny things being done with the company’s accounting. Nothing less than massive fraud. We didn’t say anything. At the time, the company’s stock was worth over $90 and we were all doing very well. Revealing the fraud would have led to the revelation of our relationship and we were both so hot for each other that this wasn’t an option. Eventually the fraud was revealed and the company went bankrupt. Over 20,000 people lost their jobs and countless people’s lives were ruined. I learned a lot from the choice I made. I should have taken care of Jessica’s husband and proposed to her. Instead she lost her job and her reputation and is now working at a strip club in Vegas. Damaged goods. I was fortunate enough to cash out at $70 and went on to start a technology company in Silicon Valley. I have a great secretary that is very hot but she’s not nearly as nice as Jessica. So heed my advice. If you find youself in the situation I was in, do not hesitate to do the ethical thing. Tell her husband that you’re sleeping with her and take him out of the picture. Make that woman yours!