The Tide Pool Effect

September 5, 2006 - Get free updates of new posts here

Wow. I missed all of you. A week without writing. Did you even miss me? Of course you did;P

Anyways, this past weekend I went camping with some friends at Santa Cruz beach and it was a blast. Drinking, talking and eating. What more could a boy want? Around midnight we climbed on to some rocks and saw these sea creatures in tide pools.

tide pools

I felt really bad for the animals that were kicked out of the big/beautiful/sexy ocean and into this little cave of water. My good friend Grant said something that kicked me in the ass.

People need to adjust to things and become happy with what they have. Those little tide pool creatures probably don’t want to go back out into that deep, dark and scary ocean.

This year has been quite tough on me personally:

1- Lost my Dog
2- Things didn’t work out at Facebook
3- My gf and I just broke up

Yes, all tough things for me to deal with and I am sure you have some of your own things you are dealing with. This girl once told me she would die without her bf. They broke up a few months later and guess what? She is still alive.

Bottomline: I will grieve and it will take time to move on but its about appreciating your new surroundings and making the best of it.