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August 31, 2006 - Get free updates of new posts here

Written by Susan Jones from Out on the Coast.

Thanks OkDork for givin it up…

Hi. My name is Susan Jones, I am a news junkie.

A move to small-town Canada had me jonesin for news that was relevant to where I lived.

The ‘local’ papers are not ‘news’, rather advertising and community events flyers masquerading as newspapers.

Know what I mean? the ones that are heavy on the antics of the local seniors club, chockfull of flyers, light on meaty local issues oh and court reporting? Ha!

Excuse me! I’d like to know if good old John boy next door finally did get his for the grow-op in the basement.

I gave up on ‘lets dump our bad newspaper online’ pap delivered by yup, you non-local national/trans-multi national media moguls.

Big-paper-people wanted us rural Joneses to believe that news only happens in urban centres, where urban Joneses live.

I wasn’t buying it and I couldn’t get my fix paper based or online. was born October 2005.

Tofino, a community where over a million people visit each summer, saw its first real online daily news source. Ucluelet, home to the weekly paper based newspaper for over 50 years or some such saw its first too. (Both communities now see court reporting for the first time!) Port Alberni as well, a community all told of over 30,000.

So, a region of over 40,000 people never having read real community news online, ever.

Unbelievable, stunning even that nobody had done it yet.

Turns out there are hundreds of communities in Canada with a healthy population who have never read 100 percent relevant news to their communities online.

I predict the media moguls of the future will be hundreds of independent online news sites. Real people, real journalists reporting real local news.

Oh and, if you know of an independent pure online news site, no matter where it is, can you send me the link?

I think we should band together don’t you?

(Note: If you are a newspaper exec. reading this, try making online news real online news, not your paper simply cut and pasted onto the net.

Do that you would give us a run for our money…maybe…well, then you would have to improve your journalism, the reporting and the …oh never mind, you can’t do it, you’ll never keep up with us Joneses)