Step Away from the Computer

August 29, 2006 - Get free updates of new posts here

Written by Jeremy Somers from ItsArtDammit.

Life. We all have one, but over the past 10 years or so, many of ours have become quite digital. Nahh, F*** that. I was going to write something “oh-so-lovely” and heartfelt crap about spending time away from the computer, but I’ll be succinct. If you’re smart enough to see what the computers can do for us, you’re smart enough to know that time spent away from them is just as valuable as time in front of them.

out into the forest

Get back out into the world and do something. Go outside (not to a wireless hotspot), be social (but don’t hurt yourself trying), talk to your friends (without saying lol), spend time with your family (without mentioning Ebay, Amazon or Google), eat something that can’t possibly be eaten cold the morning after (pizza exempt) and do what Noah’s done and get people to do your work for you?….bum.

While I’m here I’ll share the moment which explains why I wanted to write this post. While getting dressed yesterday, I turned my awesome t-shirt ( shameless plug) inside-out only to realize it was already the right way around. My first and oh-so-embarrassing thought was, and I quote “Shit. Ctrl Z.”

I rest my case.

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5 responses to “Step Away from the Computer

  1. Marco Reply

    I nicked myself with the shaver the other day and I had that exact thought (CTRL+Z)

    Sometimes we just need to take a big step away from the computing life… there are more important things to life like enjoying the simpler things like taking a walk, enjoying the sunset, enjoying the company of others…

  2. Ray Dotson Reply

    I know what you mean. Just yesterday, I was thinking of how much information I’m bombarded with every day as I sit in front of a computer for 10+ hours. I was imagining sitting alone in the middle of a quiet forest and then I had to respond to about a hundred emails and check out the latest guest post on

  3. Christie Dean Reply

    CTRL Z comments are classic.

    I recently had to hand write a letter. The sad thing is, i spend so much time typing that holding a pen and pad of paper actually felt foreign.