The OkDork Diet Week

August 25, 2006 - Get free updates of new posts here

I am a little tired of writing posts and I think you are tired of reading me. A few of you have even said I write too many articles. So what I am going to do?

I am going on a diet. I am not going to write posts or spend time writing next week. Aww schucks. So what are we going to read while bored at work, Noah? Well you are going to write on my site.

Basically leave a comment about what you want to write about. Be as selfish as possible. Say you want to promote your site, your new product, your hot girlfriend, whatever. The best 5 will be notified Sunday and will get 1 day to post next week.

And I am out…

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32 responses to “The OkDork Diet Week

  1. Susan Jones Reply

    Can I have another?
    Am I allowed two?
    I want to promot this too!

    So, none of you others out there reply to this ok?

    That way I won!!! Yipee!

    What do you get?
    You get to read two great posts! one right after ‘nother.

    How often does that HAPPEN?!!!!

    Besides Mr. OkDork here, he usually has one post after ‘nother that is
    good. But only here.
    Because OkDork is ROCKSTAR SUPER BRILL!
    That should do it.

  2. Jon Speer Reply

    I think this is a fascinating idea. I’m excited to even be considered for such an opportunity. I’ll follow suit with Sean with a little flattery. I enjoy the posts from Mr. OkDork too.
    My plea / idea. I’m attempting to set on my own as an entrepreneur. I’ve worked most of my career in the corporate world and am convinced there is a better way. My topic relates to making the entrepreneurial leap while still paying the bills. My website is Check it out.

  3. Andy R. Reply

    Hey Noah,
    I want to write about my experience with my HumorTube sites. I initially started with the original HumorTube: about two months ago, and then about two weeks ago, I launched five other sites (about Politcs, Technology, Sex, Queer, and Animal topics). I have learned much, such as the steps you need to take for every new blog you set up, how to figure out what topics and keywords are performing well, and I also have some general comments about the role of a blogger more as an editor than as a writer, something that Jim Kottke writes about on occasion.

    My blogs also use Adsense for income, something else that I can comment on.

  4. Rohail Reply

    I want to write about because it is well poised to be the world’s largest college classifieds listing network. Walamu is Craigslist meets college and is set to take the college demographic by storm. Craigslist has the potential to earn $40 million a month. Even if our college classifieds manages to monetize at even half that, it’s still a staggering amount. The potential is huge and the contender is here:

  5. Sri Reply

    I want to talk about college education and the right major to choose. Some of the things I want to talk about is what type college to go to, how to get thru college courses easily, how to get a high paying job with or without technical skills and more.

  6. Laura Allen Reply


    In the post that I’d like to write next week, I’ll answer the following question:

    Q:What do a bestseller author, Noah Kagan and guy who scatters the remains of dead people all have in common?

    A: Tune in to Okdork next week as Guest Dork Laura Allen reveals the answer…



  7. Paul McEnany Reply

    I want to talk about how Walmart stole Christmas, and why that’s, like, totally awesome.

    Happy Holidays to everyone, but Happy Holidays to you most of all, Mr. O’reilly!

  8. Susan Jones Reply

    Dearest Andy R.

    Thank you for catching my boo boo!!!!

    AS for the rest of you!
    thanks EVERYBODY for posting after my post!!!

    Some buds you all are!

    I was going to write exciting, even titillating articles for you all!

    By the looks of YOUR topics and even some of your blogs you
    could use a ‘lift’.

    But hey! you wouldn’t play nice-nice and let me have all the tonka toys
    in this sand box so I’m just going to have to bring out the big gun…

    yup, thats right, the BIG GUN.

    Mr. OkDork, you KNOW who gets to guest post, clearly the only choice you have.

    *wiggles perfectly shaped eyebrows*

    PS. There are no rules right?

  9. ReverseBlogger? Reply

    I have this idea… if you let me use your blog for a day maybe we can find someone to help develop it… it’s what I call a reverse blog… kind’ve like what you are doing.

    It seems like I find myself asking alot of questions when I read blogs. So, this would be a place to ask questions.

    I know you could get this at Yahoo Answers but instead of Yahoo getting the traffic bloggers would.

    Here is how it would work…

    1. Random people visit the website.
    2. They ask a question about personal finance.
    3. A set of pre-approved bloggers answer the question (or maybe just any blogger)
    4. The answer to the question appears on the site and at the bloggers site.
    5. Both places get traffic.
    6. Unlike a FORUM it would not be threaded or tiered. But their would be room for dialogue somehow.

    Depending on the model (like if there were just a few bloggers who answered questions) then they would share the sites revenue… if more answered it then the full answer would have to be read AT that bloggers site.

    Anyway, I need a programmer to help me take it anywhere… so maybe I could use your blog for a day to find one.

    I kind’ve have something going at but the site does not work and certainly does not look good so don’t take posting that URL that as spam.

    Also Noah, if we you let me do my thing for a day then I’ll buy you a burrito. And I’ll buy you a dozen burritos if we find a developer for that idea.

  10. Susie deVille Schiffli Reply

    I’d like to flog my new venture: Innovation Compass (a consulting firm with a focus on helping businesses and nonprofits examine and redesign customer experiences that drive loyalty and profit).

    You can read the Innovation Compass blog here:

    Word-of-mouth advertising and selling is the most powerful form of marketing. When you create customer evangelists, you create advocates who can drive sales for your company and donor support for your nonprofit.

    Customer relationships are one of the most important assets of any firm. I teach folks how to turn their customers into raving fans!!

    I offer free, no-obligation consultations for folks who want to learn more about what I can do for their organization.

  11. sharpshoot Reply

    Ok i’m pitching in. I want to talk about entrepreneurship in Europe and profile the top 5 hottest European mobile/internet startups in my opinion.

    Give your blog some variety 🙂

  12. mroonie Reply

    Oh man! I thought I missed the opportunity! Wasn’t sure when this open pitching of ideas would come to a close….

    Anyway, I would love to talk about the concerns of internet and email security nowadays and offer up some general solutions and of course solutions that my company could provide. I want to give the commenters an opportunity to talk about their very own internet and/or email security horror stories just to share and perhaps I could help add some insight to how they could prevent that problem next time….

  13. jd Reply

    It’s monday… and I don’t want to steal your blog. I want you to list your favorite bloggers under 27 when the dork diet stops. I enjoy reading Arrignton, Scoble, Seth and everyone else, but I don’t have enough young bloggers in my reader. You’re a hell of a lot more connected than I, so tell me who the best young bloggers are.

  14. Sérgio Rebelo Reply

    I want to talk about a Country where I want to go and live. This is pair of two small little african islands on the Equator line. Life there is stressless, as people keep telling me. I’ve never been there, yet.

    I want to go to Sao Tome and Principe.

  15. Mathew Reply

    Arrrrgg! Need dieting help!
    OK, so about 5 weeks ago I began to change my diet. The first week and 1/2 were great, went from 225 to 215. However these last three weeks or so I've seen NO difference.

    I've changed my eating habits a bit – used to eat fast food about 3 times a week, now maybe once every other week. Used to drink LOTS of soda, eat late late into the night, etc – basically bad eating habits.

    I work out every other day – I ride my exercise bike for 20 minutes (yes not much, I'm building it up every time I ride) and run some during the week.

    However I seemed to have hit a brick wall. Can anyone make some suggestions? I can list my diet if needed, however I don't think there is anything wrong with that and my goals. Anyways…

  16. akavar Reply

    try this:
    1) eat more whole grains, fruits and veggies (foods high in fiber = low in calories)
    2) drink water before meals to help curb hunger
    3) do interval training/exercises (increase heart rate, etc)