Things You Never Noticed

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There are a few things we never notice but once someone points it out, we always do.

1- I was talking with Blake and he pointed out something I never noticed. On the FedEx Logo there is an arrow between the E and the X.

fedex logo
2- On California license plates the format is a number, 3 letters and 3 numbers. My friend Zach pointed out that there is NEVER a Q in the middle of the letters. I totally disagreed but he was right. Try it out for yourself. If you find one take a picture and email me.

3- Phantom Ring. This may bother you if you read it further. Basically sometimes you think your phone is ringing when its not. So you check your pocket and realize its nothing. Just the fact that you have read this, you will start noticing it more often…Shitty I know.

Bottomline: Secret things intentional or not are really cool and get people digging your stuff. Think about how people feel about the secret menu of In-n-Out.

Anything else…

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14 responses to “Things You Never Noticed

  1. mike oliver Reply

    I love that fed ex arrow. a designer friend of mine pointed it out some years ago and you are right… you can’t not see it once it has been shown to you.

    I wonder sometimes if my brain subliminally registered the arrow (and the accompanying sense of forward motion) before my conscious mind became aware of it. I guess I mean – I wonder if the logo evoked the meaning of the arrow in my mind despite the fact that I didn’t “see” it.

  2. Victoria Reply

    Hmm. I know that I know of some of this stuff, but I’m drawing blanks right now.

    The phantom ring is annoying though. A good quote about them: “I think the phantom ring can all be tied into your love life or lack thereof…” 😉

  3. Alberen Reply

    “Oservation allows us to hear opportunity knock.”

    Not that it applies here but how many great things have risen from a simple observation. Many dollars have been earned from observing a need not served, a function not realized, or a minor modification that leads to triple sales.

    Observation drives a good salesperson. Does the person look busy? Offer to come back later. See the new flowers on the table? Comment on them. Hear a name? Remember it.

    It took me forever to see that arrow in the FEDEX logo. I had to go to their website to try and fiind it! Turned out I was looking outside the box (Ha! Shipping pun.)

  4. Shivani Reply

    Since Zack told us about the Q thing, I’ve been trying, and as far as I’m concerned, no car that I pass while I commute (which is a lot of cars) has a Q in the middle. damn him for being right 🙂

  5. Sri Reply

    About the California plate thingy…..Im not sure but maybe the Q will come sometime in the future…

    This is how it works in Malaysia.

    Plates start with an alphabet and then a number.

    The earliest Plate is for example A 1 and then it goes on to A 2….till A 9999, then it is AA 1, AA 2….AA 9999, AB 1, AB 2…..AB 9999

    Currently for example, it might be at ATH 9999…

    So if California plates work the same, maybe the time for Q hasnt come yet or maybe this is just a stupid dumb comment.

    maybe cali plates started at 1 AAA 001 light years ago.

  6. mroonie Reply

    haha….this reminds me of disney movies….

    Apparently, in Lion King, there’s a part where the old Simba slumps down on some grass and the dust/leaves/grass particles get blown into the wind and spell out “sex”. Or in The Little Mermaid when the marriage is taking place, the priest has a little something something poking out. Then there’s the infamous “take of your clothes” comment made by Aladdin right before his magic carpet ride with Jasmine…..

    Maybe this is totally unrelated to this post, but if you haven’t you should add it to your list of things you never noticed.

  7. Skip Tracer Reply

    I agree. These secret things make a product or service more intriguing, when the public discovers them. It can also create interesting “buzz”, which is what all companies love to get.

  8. jack Reply

    On the black diamond(CLASSIC) case of the little mermaid is a penis mixed in with the castle!

    If the VOL. is on the max, in a Aladdin when he is on the balcony it is the following dialouge
    Jazmine:”I do not want to see you”
    AL: “nice kitty”
    Genie: “So hows are little bow doing?”
    Carpet:(cut head sign)
    AL:”Niice kitty, down kitty(under his breath he will say “take of your clothes”)
    Jazmine: Wait do i know you?

    In the lion king when simba is grown up he is talking to timon+pumbaa
    “yeah pretty dumb huh?”
    when he walks to the cliff he slumps onto the edge and the flowers knocked over(HIT PAUSE!!!)hit pause repeatedely and the flowers spell out “SEX”!

    These are all true i tested them!!