Day #X Over-Employed: Filling up the Boredom

August 21, 2006 - Get free updates of new posts here

No, I am not depressed. Yes, life is good. Yes, I am way too busy right now. Maybe I am being introspective since I just downed 1 Amstel light. I realized a little while ago that many people use the internet and surf websites because they are bored.

Life is inherently boring so we spend it doing things to maximize enjoyment.

The jobs we take, families we are a part of, websites we browse, relationships we maintain and everything is to kill the inevitable time we have left before its gone. This is a really depressing entry even as I write it. Damn it didn’t sound like that in my head:)

This is more to the point for people to reflect on what is really the most important things in your life.

  1. Are you really doing what’s the optimal thing right now?
  2. What do you want to be accomplishing while you are here on Earth?
  3. Are you living the life you want to be living?

I have spent a lot of time figuring these things out before I rush into my next endeavour. It has been very enjoyable for me and I appreciate all the friends who have supported me on this journey. I will highlight in a week or two what’s in store for me…

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9 responses to “Day #X Over-Employed: Filling up the Boredom

  1. Damon Z Reply

    Very deep. In my opinion, the purpose of life is to create whether it’s a little baby or a fortune 500 company (guess which one I really want :)). Creating something that will outlast you, that’s immortality and who does not want to live forever?

  2. joe Reply

    isn’t that the kind of mentality that’s causing the erosion of our ozone layer? what is so wrong with being temporary. I’m a little more sakura than statue of liberty.

    noah you’ll be pleased to know that as soon as i got to #1 i stopped reading your post. 😉

  3. Chris Jennings Reply

    I think about these things often, glad i’m not the only one. I’m 21 years old… how much money, security, routine do I really need? I think it’s time to clear the buffer and rethink this.

  4. Victoria Reply

    I really admire the fact that you’ve spent time reflecting before diving head first into your next project. I guess it might seem obvious to some people that this sort of reflection on life is necessary but I think it’s usually the case that many either don’t care to make the time to reflect, don’t know how or where to start, or are afraid to do it.

  5. Ray Dotson Reply

    This is fascinating. I’m a new reader (came here via 52reviews) and I like your blog. In the last couple of years I’ve thought a lot about the ideas of boredom and wasted time. Why do we do it? Would or could we have done something different? I’m sure you won’t mind if I post a link on my blog. Thanks for the thought-provoking post!

  6. the other Noah Reply

    “Life is inherently boring so we spend it doing things to maximize enjoyment.”

    The only reason it seems boring is because society and technology have refined us to a point where the hard threats of life are prepared for and mobilized on quickly so they become mostly passing inconveniences.

    Boredom is a benefit of comfort and security, it’s not inherent to life. I’ll retort with:

    “Life is inherently fragile so we spend it doing things to celebrate it.”

  7. sharpshoot Reply

    I always used to discount when i wasn’t happy when doing something before. Now i find its important to listen to when you stop enjoy doing something and have the strength to move on. Takes a while to get used to stopping, then redirecting towards something you like.