Top 5 Things to do at The TechCrunch Party

August 18, 2006 - Get free updates of new posts here

It seems like people are flying, biking and begging to go to the TechCrunch party this Friday. Most of the techy people I know ask about it and are all giggly about attending. I am not going. Why? Because there will be so many people and the really interesting ones will be mobbed. So here are somethings to do if you go:

techcrunch logo

1- Don’t Go. Seriously 700 people. So crowded. Too loud. Too many guys. Too many guys (Yes, I wrote it twice). Not enough chicks.

2- Get paid $200 to go streaking. Do it.

3- Get drunk. Free food and alcohol. That could convince me to go in a second. Next year I am going to recruit homeless people to go with me and get them all Web 2.0 out.

4- Find the sponsors. Go find the web 2.0 companies and ask them to give you money. Why are startups spending money on a party that is not theirs? Beats me.

5- Hug Nick from Valleywag. He needs it and is so cute.

michael arrington

If you are actually going to the party here are a few things that I would do:

1- Scope. Check out the guestlist. Plot your attack. Figure out who is really worth meeting. Don’t pick more than 3. Be realistic, the more famous they are the less likely they will care about you.

2- Plan. What the F do you want out of this party? Why are you spending your Friday night there? Star gazing will get you no where. Yes, a picture with you and Mike will sell well on eBay but won’t help your company. Think about what you want to accomplish.

3- Execute. Kill, kill, kill. Go get those people fast and early. No time for beers and food in the beginning. NameTag Hunt, get those people you highlighted, do what you wanted to do and then go get drunk;)

Bottomline: Is the event really worth $150 a ticket? You make that call. Try to spend time with only a few people but really make it meaningful. Have fun.