Top 5 Stupid Trends of Marketing 2.0

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1- Our product is Viral. That is the saying. Is there really a viral aspect of the product? No, it is just a saying that people say to make themselves feel good.

2- Paying $10,000 to advertise on TechCrunch for a month. Don’t get me wrong if I could charge it for this site I would. I like Mike and its nothing on him, he is a smart business person. I just really question the ROI on this strategy for driving traffic/awareness of your website.

3- You need a blog. Why? Do you really? Do people really care what your company has to say?

4- Digg will save us. You get 10,000 visitors one day of horny nerdy computer kids and the next day nothing. I always say relevance is key. Talked with Adam of Renkoo today and he agrees about quality always over quantity.

5- Oh don’t worry, we have a MySpace Badge. It appears the new and ultimate trend in marketing is a badge / widget that people can put everywhere. This is okay but not as effective as people think.

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29 responses to “Top 5 Stupid Trends of Marketing 2.0

  1. Brian Balfour Reply

    Noah, good post. I think there is this general thinking in Web 2.0 that marketing your product and gaining users will be easy especially if your site has social features. This is easily not the case and gaining quality users is still even a tougher task then building the product itself.

  2. Scott Rafer Reply

    Au contraire re: #3. The silly opining that people do on their corporate blogs is a fad that can’t die soon enough, however corporate blogs are absolutely necessary.
    A. Customers want to know their vendors official positions on issues that affect them and need a place to link to that information. Some of the issues (e.g. security alerts whether online or meatspace) are too dynamic to be reflected in other forms.
    B. A corporate blog is a cheap, highly effective investment in Crisis PR that pays off in spades when things inevitably hit the fan.When a company has a crisis, people immediately google their brand names. The company’s blog better be on that first page of results if the company wants to respond in a timely manner and have any real hope of driving the conversation in a bad time. You can’t open up a typepad account after the crisis starts and accomplish that — you need a well-trod blog that has been in place for months.

  3. Nii A. Reply

    Marketing 2.0 – incestuous circle jerk.
    Is it just me or does it feel like 99 percent of new widgets, gadgets, web2.0sites, and yes blogs are marketed to the broader internet community but patronized by the same users and early adopters and have no chance of tipping.

  4. Devin Reply

    Hey, viral does exist for a lot of products! Plenty of people do it or else you wouldnt have told us to read an ebook on it, refer to Seth as the innovator of viral, nor list a post about viral as one of the top marketing posts of the year.

    I agree, it may sometimes be over-used but it’s definitely the best ‘word of mouth’ marketing strategy: create something so cool people want to tell others about it.

    Let me know when I’m annoying. 😉

  5. Noah Kagan Reply

    yay. i am finally pink;) thanks tara.

    scott, i am not saying blogs aren’t useful but I am saying they are not critical in helping your company grow or that you will die without one. Just saying that people need to consider the objective of their blog.

    devin, name some products recently (2-5 months) that have done a great job on viral marketing. not word of mouth but viral. creating something cool is a separate argument over viral/word of mouth marketing. i guess it just annoys me to hear people say oh this product will kick ass cause it is totally viral. they are clueless. yes you are always annoying and that is why we are friends;)

  6. Noah Kagan Reply

    Ryo, I wrote that when I was naive and young. Okay a few months ago. There are just things I realize after I see what works and what doesn’t. I can’t say what things work, you have to hire me for that;)

  7. mroonie Reply

    Hey Noah! Have you seen this yet? My friend got a call the other day and was freaked out because he thought his phone number was floating around somewhere but apparently, someone had called him through this….

    Although it was/is a succesful viral marketing campaign…..because of this, now my friend’s phone # really is floating around somewhere…scary.

    Anyways, just thought of it after reading the first trend you mentioned….

  8. Devin Reply

    Okay, I get what you’re saying. I admit I haven’t really noticed anything lately. I think it’s because we’re getting somewhat disconnected. Sure there’s digg and delicious and all that, but we’re now deeper in our own groups and we’re stuck in an echo chamber. But ya, people are clueless for the most part anyway.

  9. howard lindzon Reply

    per #2 –

    It’s like real estate anywhere.

    6 months ago, I begged my management team at to advertise and own that site for $1,200 month and lock it up.

    I smelled a trend.

    Now it is too expensive but it depends what you are fisshing for.

    Good post.

  10. Mehul Patel Reply

    Dear Noah,

    the best thing abt ur DIGG post is you make them short but really Sweet 🙂 You talk practical things like ROI which I believe half of the world has forgotten abt esepcially the FAT Media buyers, mySPACE is running towards disatsters, if you join mySpace as a new member within 7 working days you are bombarded with Amy, Kyra, Kylie who have addedd you, then when you chk profilte they are 9read 10 out of 10) porn or spywaye or some sick MLM!

    pls continue ur good work its a pleasure to know you and read stuff from that makes sense 🙂

  11. K Reply

    Viral is pretty much impossible to plan for.
    Sure, you can make the message as viral friendly as possible but the process still relies on people to pick it up and pass it on.

    It is like trying to create a fad (now fads are called viral, go figure). Difficult to manufacture.

    If a marketing message turns out to be viral, then its a plus.
    But I wouldn’t bank the success of the product launch on it.

  12. the other Noah Reply

    Digg traffic is very parasitic… I don’t think anyone really “wants” them, and after getting wrapped up in that “reading past the headline” story, that only cements my opinion. There are plenty of other locations where those users go where their mode of thought isn’t about rapid consumption of what’s new or what’s cool, where you might actually get them to spend some time with you or maybe even read (and not skim).

  13. Scott Rafer Reply

    May i install a script on your webserver to autodirect all your digg traffic to my site? I want them! I expect very few of them to form a lasting relationship with what I show them, but I’m happy to do my best to provide value to whoever shows up on my site.

    Deep intellectual discussions are more fun for me personally, but I don’t get uppity about about it. When all I can attract is the quick-hit, eye-candy, what-have-you-done-for-me-lately crowd, I put down the NYT and do my best to make them happy.

  14. Noah Kagan Reply

    okay i was going to save this for another post but i really need to share this analogy.

    digg is like a whore with stds.

    sex is great and you forget about everything else

    afterwards you have less money, bumps on your penis and regret.

    that may not be perfect but it is how i feel about quick readers.

    i want a long term relationship with all of my readers. end of story.

  15. the other Noah Reply

    @Scott: Digg = coolhunting. Ultimately it courts only to people who are always constantly looking for something newer. Get these people onto your site for a while and that’s great, but they’ll be gone soon enough, and you’ll have spent lots of time and energy on people who, when something about you turns up later, will dismiss it as “old news.” Just saying. Really, what everyone wants are the 10% that continue to seed Digg aggressively — hell, Calacanis definitely does — but I have no idea what that’d actually get you, unless you run a coolhunting site.

  16. Scott Rafer Reply

    NoahK, as redundancy pays in marketing:
    May i install a script on your webserver to autodirect all your digg traffic to my site?

    This post is about “Marketing 2.0” not “Civil Dialog 2.0” so don’t get all Old Testament judgemental on us. If you don’t want the cool hunters around, then fine, install a web service on your site that serves them well and gets you paid/laid/isolated. And, since it’s about marketing, prositution is a fine reference — except let’s not be derogatory towards sex workers.

    As a former Amsterdam resident (though not patron of this particular industry), let’s refer to the legal sort of prostituion that sounds a lot like web use at its best — you pay up front, it’s basically anonymous, and virus testing is continuous.

  17. Digant Reply

    Good post. In fact, quality traffic is the key – and every CPC advertiser understand this. It’s only the time when they start thinking about natural traffic, that they forget that quality and relevance of visitors are equally important there as well – except the site is MFA or serves CPM ads.

  18. Mehul Patel Reply

    Ok after reading a few posts I realize its the same as going to Gym, a same fitness regime and same exercise won’t help all of us, customization is the key…

    People who are in marketing or who claim to be must do some research for each client, suggest few options, track what’s working an then re suggest of improvise….

    the central buzz creation, sticking up ads, blah blah will not help for sure…..

    one of the best thing is ask friend’s blogger abt your specific problem, or what u wish to achieve….

  19. citizen care Reply

    well, not every business needs to do all these things, especially if the business is not for relevent to culture and human needs, ig. selling concrete, you don’t need all these tactics…. the trends are not in stupid in the general sense… only the companies misuseing of them are stupid.

    But your post make you sounds very ignorant.