5 Great Questions for Interviewees

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If you haven’t noticed this week is all about lists. Enjoy.

I love interviewing people and being interviewed. Think about it. When else do you get to talk about yourself so much and not be called conceited? One of the hardest parts of interviews is thinking of thought provoking questions for the interviewer. I will save you the heartache and make it easy for you. Here are the best questions for an interviewee to ask a new/soon-to-be employer:

1- What’s the most successful thing you have done at this company?

2- What would it take for you to leave this company?

3- How do you feel when you are driving to work in the morning?

4- Think about the hardest question you received during the inerview. Ask it to the interviewer.

5- What’s the toughest question I can ask you?

Make sure to say copyrighted by Noah Kagan after you ask. Also, if you ever interview me expect to hear these again:)

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7 responses to “5 Great Questions for Interviewees

  1. jc Reply

    “3- How do you feel when you are driving to work in the morning?�

    that’s definitely a good question if you care about how the interviewers like their own job. but you think most will truthfully tell you that they hate it? Most will just sugar coat it or just lie.

    Interviewers should instead ask the interviewee that question but more in the lines of how did you feel before when u were waking up or driving to work at yr previous job or at ur current job? And how do you think it will change if you were to work for us?

  2. Rajive Reply

    What pisses you off most about this company or its management?

    If you can handle the worst case of ‘pissed off’, it may not be bad after all ….. just another perspective.