Friday Free Business Idea: Paypal Consultant

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If you run a website and want to collect payments, it can be hard to implement Paypal. Bottomline: It Sucks. There are some new services: shopify and such that make it easier. But what if you just want to integrate Paypal?

paypal consultant

A technological consultant that focuses on implementing, integrating and maintaining Paypal systems for merchants. This is a small niche that can be highly profitable if you are the person known for doing it.

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6 responses to “Friday Free Business Idea: Paypal Consultant

  1. Sérgio Rebelo Reply

    As a matter of fact I’m in need of that just now. I have a website where I want to sell small services for small amounts of money ($1 to $5) and I was thinking that paypal should be the best alternative. Do you think it is? Should that be much dificult to integrate? I just had the idea, still had no time to check the implementation of that.

  2. Susan Jones Reply

    Hey Dork,
    Need some help and WE WILL PAY.
    We need a Google expert who can help us get our site on the Google news alert system.
    WE WILL PAY! must have extensive experience with Google.
    We were on the alert system, then we moved to a new url, since then we can’t get on the alert system (long time ago)
    Need somebody to look at what we are doing wrong etc.
    Please email
    (sorry to hijack!)

  3. Cap Reply

    hey Sergio. it’s fairly straight forward.. you sign up for paypal and basically look for the “buy now” button.. put in the info you want and they provide you with a set of HTML code.

    simply cut and paste where you want that BUY NOW or donate now code to appear.

    you should also try out the new google checkout. personally I think the google checkout interface is more customer friendly, easier to sign up and easier to put in their info. as always, the less steps to take = more completed transaction.