Kamsahamni-freakin-da: Noah's Back

August 8, 2006 - Get free updates of new posts here

That is the word + Noah talk for thank you in Korean. I am back and I missed you guys/girls. I wanted to thank you for being a reader in a fun way.

How Noah? Tell us. This is getting weird writing in 3rd person. Sorry, I am jetlagged.

Anyways, do you remember when I wrote about the Taekwondo Master in the stairwell last week? I bought a Taekwondo t-shirt in Korea for one lucky reader in honor of that post.

noah kagan korean peace sign

How do I win it? Post your FAVORITE Japanese/Korean peace sign picture in the comments section or a link to it (you can see mine above). Thanks Joe for taking my picture. Submit your picture by Friday. I will let my mom choose the best one and BAMN you get a t-shirt in the mail. Free shipping=)

Have fun.