Korea What?

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A few people asked me how I got the job teaching business in Korea and what do I do all day (wdydad), so I wanted to answer that.

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How I got the job?

On Wednesday July 24 my friend Dan from Demidec told me there might be an opportunity to teach in Korea. This was 4 days before I would leave. I was nervous and excited at the same time. All the information about the camp, the 1 percent, is all in Korean so I couldn’t get anything from their website. I was told to pay for my plane ticket ahead of time and I would get paid afterwards. I was very skeptical about this whole scenario. I thought I would be sent to Jeju Island and killed.

However, I talked to a few counselors who were already on the island and to Dan who taught in Korea before. Dan knew about this camp from a Harvard alumni email he received. He taught at the camp in January and couldn’t make the camp this time. The camp only hires Ivy league students and Stanford kids. I was an exception and I seem to be working out fine:) I booked my ticket July 27 and was on my way to Korea.

What do you do all day?

9-12pm I teach English and proctor practice TOEFL tests (Test of English as a Foreign Language).

12-1pm Lunch. Really good! Mostly eating bulgogi (meat with rice), spaghetti or Pork fried rice. Yes, I am a bad jew:p

Work on my personal stuff. Emailing people, reading or writing posts. Plan and work on my own websites that are coming out. Think about, research and plan out activities for the kids.

3:30-4:30pm Leadership class. We split the class up so I only have to teach it 3 times during the week.

4:30-5:00pm Scrapbooking. Come up with different ways for them to be creative in their scrapbook.

5-6pm Invent. Teach them about ways to invent and think more about business.

6-7pm Cafeteria. This is some of the worst food I have ever eaten. Food is mostly squid. It is vegetables with squid. Soup with squid. Noodles with guess what? Give up? Okay it is squid. For the first few days we ate there but after not being able to take it we normally walk a few blocks out of the university to a chinese/korean restaurant. Twice we have ordered Dominos which is about $20 a pizza. Well worth it!

7-9pm Work. Spend time working on my own businesses. Emailing people, reading blogs, etc…

9-12am Chill. W atch movies with the other counselors, go out into Jeju downtown for drinking or better food. Go out to clubs and get made fun of and ostracized since we are white. Go to the Norebong aka Karaoke Bar and sing our hearts off. My favs are Hilary Dugg and Alanis Morissette:)

12-1am Done. Check emails and go to sleep. Hopefully shower:P

And that is what I have been doing for the past 2 weeks. I am coming back to California on August 9th.

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6 responses to “Korea What?

  1. Trevor Claiborne Reply

    I’m a little surprised by their hiring practices. There are quite a number of good schools that aren’t ivies, and some of the ivies aren’t all that great either. At least you were the exception. Go Bears!

  2. Brad Reply

    Twice we have ordered Dominos which is about $20 a pizza.


    Let me guess… with squid? Maybe mushrooms – and squid?

  3. Soonho Park Reply

    Hi, Noah.
    This is Soonho. Do you remember me. I was one of the students in your IBT classes. I’m the kid who liked Vancouver and liked to play ice hockey. Anyways, I hope you had a good time at 1% Leaders Camp. I really liked the Scrap and Invent classes that you taught.

  4. Soonho Park Reply

    Hi, Noah.
    Do you remember me? I was one of the kid in your IBT class in the 1% Leaders Camp. I was the kid that liked Vancouver and liked to play ice hockey. I hope you had a fun time in the camp.

  5. Noah Kagan Reply


    you rock. thanks for the comment. good to hear from you. you are a really great kid and i am glad i had you in my class. ice hockey rules. never stop playing.