Blog Traffic Week #X: The Road to 1,000 Competition

August 5, 2006 - Get free updates of new posts here

One thing I have learned recently is that Perception is everything. Recently, someone said to me “don’t you have a few thousand readers a day on your site?” I wish this was true but it is not.

Fortunately, my readers, YOU, kick ass and love commenting on my site. I love reading them once I get them and I orgasm every time they come. When a new person comes to my site and sees all the comments and discussion it makes the site seem very active and popular.

My site receives around 500 unique views a day and around 400 people subscribe actively via RSS. I am a very open and transparent person so nothing really to hide from you. Why am I talking about this? I have a goal.

I want 1,000 unique views a day and 1,000 RSS subscribers by September 30th. How am I going to get there? You tell me. You get the rewards.

  1. A 3 month link on a highly visible part of my website
  2. I will write 5 articles that you want. You can post them on your site or do whatever you want with them.
  3. I will do a write up on you or your business on my site.
  4. I will let you write 1 post that will go on my site.
  5. You will get an early copy of my Facebook book and my Easy Guide to VC eBook.
  6. I will send you an eCard that says thank you.
  7. 1 hour of consulting on your design/functionality, marketing or product development.
  8. If I ever see you in person and you want one, you get a hugï?Š
  9. A signed autographed 8 x 10 of myself. Hahaha. I have these but I doubt you want one and hopefully realize this one is a joke.
  10. I will buy you 1 book from my top 11 reads for all college entrepreneurs and young professionals.
  11. Ever lasting appreciation.
  12. Bonus: Jeremy from People Like Us Collective is throwing in a free t-shirt for the winner. He only makes 200 a printing.

Whoever can drive the most measurable traffic and subscribers to my site will win all this. Leave a comment or email me if you are participating. I will post weekly updates and links to the participants. Good luck. The contest ends September 30th.

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30 responses to “Blog Traffic Week #X: The Road to 1,000 Competition

  1. Nick Reply

    I don’t know if I have the capability to drive all that much traffic, but I’ll be linking to you then. Those prizes are sweet. 🙂


  2. Eric A. Reply

    Haha, interesting idea for driving traffic to your site. I currently have ~200 subscribers and ~350 uniques a day. We should have a competition to see who can reach 1000/1000 first. But I have to get some odds, since your obviously morally and physically superior to me (and really, everyone?)

    Ok, its late saturday, and I’ve been moving all day. My bed is lonely. I shall keep it company for now.

  3. noah kagan Reply


    Game on! I am not so concerned about competing with you but about getting the right kinds of readers. Competition is always healthy if its best for both parties. I will add you to the list of people competing on the road to 1,000.


    You can be creative. I can help you on thinking of ideas or implementing them as well.

  4. Doug Karr Reply

    1. Much of my new traffic is coming via comments that I post on other blogs and other news sites. I would estimate that each of those sites gets me another 5 to 10 readers if it’s a very popular site and my comments are well constructed.

    That means quite a bit of work for you, though!

    2. You need to edit your feed address in the header of your site theme to your Feedburner site address. Fact is, you most likely have many more folks subscribed to your RSS feed but you’re not tracking them because your header has this:

    Delete those lines and put:

    3. Also, subscribe to other Feedburner options… like adding an email subscribe to your site. If you own other sites, Feedburner has a nice little JavaScript you can add that puts your posts on that site (my example:

    4. Digg? (Just kidding!)

  5. Laura Allen Reply

    I’m in. Add me to your Road to 1,000 competition. No, I don’t think I can win, but hell, why not, I’ll try. One thing you can do to help me, help you drive traffic, is to put your pitch on my site. That way, I can spread the word about you to people I know by sending your pitch (in your words!)to my friends and clients who would want to hear about you. Also, we are doing a featured “Pitch of the Week” and that goes out to our members, so if your pitch looks good, (which I’m sure it will) I can send that out too. I think this is a great idea! It should be fun!

  6. Brad Reply

    Better make it September 30th or October 1st, or you may be waiting a long time.

    Truthfully, I enjoy your writing style and enthusiasm – your energy comes across loud and clear, and the comments left by other visitors with any given posting are part of what makes this site worthwhile.

    I believe your goal is reasonable and can be done with the assistance of the wide variety of people that check in with you here and I wish you well in your growth. I have always thought that if you help enough people, you will be rewarded in kind. (Sometimes I say eventually be rewarded, as some things take time, but hopefully for you – by the end of September you will have a significant traffic increase).

  7. Sérgio Rebelo Reply

    Great linkbaiting 🙂

    I haven’t got the means to drive so much traffic to your website, I guess..

    How do you plan to track all of this?
    Will you be giving the prize to your best referal?
    Can I compete with more than one website, including digg and other social bookmarking sites?

    Anyway, If I could I would drive all that traffic to my own blog (I am a selfish bastard).

    Good luck to your goal. I hope you can achieve it.

  8. Raphael Kang Reply

    I think your work at the camp could make for interesting information for a Korean newspaper that’s based in LA. I don’t know if that’s the audience you want, but no bloggers are discriminatory about their visitors, right???

  9. Chris Jennings Reply

    Yeah, like Dimitry suggested, a not so generic blog template design would help readers remember your site. I mean I don’t know anyone who designs cool blogs or anything… coughmecough.

  10. Jeremy S Reply

    Noah, it looks like your on your way. I will participate using methods we discussed, unrelated (or were they?) on friday and you can amend your post to include one of our t-shirts in the prize pool, might be nice to have something in there that someone actually wants!! kidding….
    For anyone else reading this, our tees are at they could be yours!!!

    – J

  11. Noah Kagan Reply

    I am flattered with all the comments and that so many people are willing to help me out.

    I added a poll with people who are participating. You can email me ( if you want to help and be added to the list. The competition ends September 30th.

    Sergio, I am tracking it all with the poll. Trackbacks and/or register are annoying. Yes, the prize is to the person with the most votes. It is really hard to track referrer. I can check my logs and maybe give a second place prize to that person. You can compete with anything you’d like.

    If this helps drive some traffic to your site all the better!

    let the games begin.

  12. sharpshoot Reply


    Dropping in some Google analytics code should easily tell you hits and where they come from. Even pop out a few nice graphs you can use as screen shots. Anyone know where to integrate that into wordpress?

    I’ll be linking to you too.

  13. noah kagan Reply

    Could my readers be any cooler? Seriously, you guys make me feel very special. Thank You!

    Sumon (sharshoot), I have google-analytics type stuff installed but if you email someone or its not trackable directly from your website it doesn’t matter too much.

    Peter, Thanks for the comment. I am going through a redesign in a few weeks. You interested in helping?

    Thanks again everyone! Check out this awesome graphic Bjorn made:


  14. Laura Allen Reply


    It’s official:

    The only thing is that I registered 15SecondPitch is really awesome right before I registered okdork is really awesome and I probably should have used two different email addresses. So I’m trying to figure out how to put a link on this page to go back to Okdork. I’ll keep you posted. This is my attempt to drive traffic.

  15. N!kka iDelilah Reply

    i decided to give out a random comment becauuuuse…yeah theres not really a reason. i came across your page because my friend (melody) write for this website as well. i must say, you have some pretty nifty blogs. i enjoy reading them. soooo…yeah. have a fantastical day 😀

  16. Skip Tracer Reply

    Interesting idea to get traffic. I saw you credited on TechCrunch and wanted to see what your site was all about. If you keep getting credited on TechCrunch, you won’t have to worry about traffic. Good luck.