Korean Lesson Plan: Making a Business

August 3, 2006 - Get free updates of new posts here

I wanted to give the students a chance to really take their business ideas to the next level. I wanted to create a marketplace where the best ideas / presentation win. Here is what’s happening:


Yesterday, all the students created a product or service.

Today, half the students are going to be buyers (they get $100 fake money) and half are going to be sellers.

The sellers have to pitch their products/services and the buyers can choose which ones they want to spend their money on.

The top 3 sellers get “blue cards” which are points they can redeem at the end of camp, plus I am giving them each one dollar.

This is a simple activity I thought of to get them to think about their audience, practice public speaking and figure out what they want to spend money on. It’s a great activity for young kids.

I really enjoy teaching business to children, if you know of any classes in the states who want a presentation let me know.

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