Blog Traffic #4: Titles = Life or Death

August 2, 2006 - Get free updates of new posts here

I wrote another post that had some hints of why a title is important. I don’t think it got the attention it deserved and was going to spend this post writing about how important titles are. While I was planning on doing this I found a site called Copyblogger.

copyblogger image

Lately, there have been only a few sites that create unique and insightful content:

  1. Noah Brier writes some really deep and interesting thoughts on the new web. This last one about connectedness was really good.
  2. Tara Hunt has some great ones on building a community and on why she didn’t attend blogher.
  3. Fred G of Lazy Way to success is a great lazy blogger. He has extremely thoughtful posts on how he hitch hiked the country and 10 signs you are an entrepreneur.

But this Copyblogger site made me shit my p*nts. I am sorry for being so blunt but his posts and writing style are amazing. He has very interesting topics, doesn’t use a lot fluff and gives some of the best advice on how to make your blog the best. His “title” post is nearly verbatim what I would have said so I thought I should show some highlights:

1. The Secret of [insert here]

2. What everybody ought to know about [blank]

3. Here’s a quick way to [solve a problem]

Bottomline: Titles are SUPER important and people need to put more time into them. You can have great content but I have over 300 feeds in my blog reader and only read the ones with interesting titles. Make sure yours grabs attention. You can read his full post here.

Read his FREE eBook on viral marketing and strategy. He really should have charged at least $5 for that book since the information in it is extremely valuable. I honestly think he is just a much sexier version of me since most of his posts are similar to my ideas. If you don’t read his site you are nothing.

Haha, okay that was mean. Seriously, if you want to develop a quality blog, his site is the gateway to that. Enjoy. Also the design is amazing by Chris Pearson, check him out for your next design work.

As always please feel free to share, distribute or eat any of my posts.

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3 responses to “Blog Traffic #4: Titles = Life or Death

  1. Cap Reply

    yeah coppyblogger is a must read for any blogger that doesn’t want to suck.

    he places super emphasis on titles, w/ lots of post on how to write headlines, why you should write your titles/headlines first, etc. etc.

    another thing that he pointed out was the RSS feed, how you should make it easy to subscribe, and how you should make the RSS/subscription buttons more visible. I pretty much copy his big orange RSS button on top of page deal, and voila, extra 30 subscribers—just by making it simpler to subscribe.

    feedburner’s browser friendly RSS link helps too.

    ditto on the blog design too. it’s soo simple and good looking that I hate my ugly template. I think he wrote a post about his template too, how the cost was well worth it, and how serious bloggers shouldn’t skip out on the blog template just because of potential design cost.

    anyway, I could have sworn I found out about him from you before. maybe not? but it’s definitely one of those site where you visit, and within the first 10 second you realized you’ll want to keep this on your list.

    flippin’ bastard.