Korean Lesson Plan: The Rainy Day Solution

July 31, 2006 - Get free updates of new posts here

I want to talk about scrapbooking class from today. I learned this idea from a retreat during business school. Have you ever had one of those days when you are feeling sad?

rainy day

This idea solves that. In a large group, I had each student go in front of the class and speak for 30 seconds about themself. While they were up there I had their scrapbook passed around and anonymously every student wrote something nice in the book. After it was signed by everyone, they got their book back. So when they are in a sad mood or having a bad day they can open that page and see the nice things people said about them.

If you are ever sad and want something cheery, check out the Secret Society of Happy People. And yes, I am a member:)

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3 responses to “Korean Lesson Plan: The Rainy Day Solution

  1. Susan Jones Reply

    We do that at birthday parties!
    Roll of paper, tape on back of person,
    blindfold them, give each person at
    party a marker and each one writes
    on the paper.
    When everyone is done, we roll it up,
    put a ribbon on it and the person can
    read it when they wish.



  2. Nick Gavronsky Reply

    Noah, when im feeling sad, will you come over and write nice things about me?

    Cool idea man, you’re definitely giving these kids a great experience. Hope to hear more about how you come up with all your ideas.