Increasing Blog Traffic: Getting on Top of Digg, Reddit or

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More and more often people are ultra concerned with getting TONs of traffic. Getting Digged, getting Reddited, most popular on, boingboinged or as Seth calls it throwing it out Digg bait for traffic.

These are all identical to taking steroids. You get a quick, ultra good feeling but at the end of the day you end up with man boobs. That is NOT what you want, trust me.

Many people talk about their results and traffic from this experience. Here are some stories:

Darren Rowse on getting to the front of

And so forth…What most of these people don’t mention is a week later. Their traffic is back to normal and they are desperate like a crack head for another high. I have had this a few times with my Michael Arrington of Techcrunch is a Millionaire and more recently The Guide to Avoiding Small Talk. These posts each generated over 20,000 of hits in 1 day which was a great feeling. Do you know how many of those people came back the week after? Maybe 1% of them. Here are the 55 things you should be tracking on your website.

Have you ever seen a story on the front page of these sites and checked it out? Yes, you have. After you briefly viewed the post how often have you gone back? Never.

So what does this all have to do with Blog Traffic?. Focus on your customer, focus on the right person and not on the easy win. What does that mean? Here are four blog traffic tips that will be key to increasing blog traffic to your site.

1- Partner. Get linked to by another site that is in your area of interest. For example, if you are a technical evangelist a Scoble link could do you well. If you are a marketing puppy then a link from Guy is golden. A Seth link is like a marketing gift from god. His link to my site established the snowball effect which translated into tons of the right traffic.

2- Write about the right things. I won’t go too much into this cause you have heard it all before. I admit I am bad at this because I have so many interests. But tackle one thing and it will succeed. Similar to my friend Eric who is doing, he writes a business book review a week. He ONLY talks about book stuff.

3- Respond. If someone comments on another site and they have something smart to say, get them. Go to their blog, email them and track them down. Find the places your “ideal” readers are and start waving your hands in a polite way. If someone comments on your blog make sure you say thanks. It is the easiest thing to that so little people take advantage of.

4- Adjust. If you start generating a lot of traffic, adjust your site. Put some links for them to subscribe to your RSS. Add a welcome message so they feel like they are home. Thank them for visiting. Here are the bonuses I offer people when they sign up to OKdork.

Learn more about SEO here.

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14 responses to “Increasing Blog Traffic: Getting on Top of Digg, Reddit or

  1. noah kagan Reply

    susan you are the greatest commenter an online writer could ever ask for. you are making the comments similar to where people try to be the first commenter. good luck;)

  2. Nick Gavronsky Reply

    Great post man, definitely helps. I try to stay away from using digg etc to get traffic for my blog. I’ve tried and it failed. I am working hard to get more traffic to my blog, and will definitely work on some of these techniques.

    Btw, just finished breakfast with the Office Depot CEO and posted about it, it was really interesting.

    Take it easy man.

  3. noah kagan Reply

    paul, never ask that question again=)

    noah, that is easy for someone who has such an awesome name.

    hey everyone, if you enjoyed this post please email it to a friend, digg it, post it around the office or call a long-lost friend because that makes me feel good as well:)

  4. mroonie Reply

    Good post!
    I like how all your blog posts are always positive and pointing towards improvement! This post just reminded me of how important it is to not just be a spotlighter but to gain recognition through strategic ways that would give longterm survival and exposure…

    But we all know you’re just trying to get to the top of the charts with this post anyway….


  5. noah kagan Reply

    Monica, thanks for your kind words and the swift kick to the ass. you are so right about the hypocrite so i changed the post and adjusted the ending. thanks for keeping me on the right path. its late and i had too much kimchi today. you know what i am talking about:)

  6. Ryan M Reply

    Yesterday my site was “digged” and made it to the front page. This was the first time it has ever happened, and saw 12000 visitors to my site which normally gets about 50 a day so that was a huge increase. I know it’s going to go back around normal levels in a week and I can’t wait, it’s a bit overwhelming to have a personal blog get 580 diggs and 12000 visitors in a single day, not something that I was expecting to happen (I didn’t even know it was submitted to Digg). I am curious to see the increase this will cause my blog in the coming weeks though, if 1% of the 12000 come back I would say that’s pretty damn good because that will effectively more than double my traffic.

  7. Eric A. Reply

    Haha! Thanks for the link, but I find it pretty ironic that the link to my site isn’t about book stuff at all. Actually 52reviews is about resources for risk-takers (entrepreneurs), which does include my main constraint, writing one book review a week, but it also includes a whole host of other material, such as productivity systems, blogs, podcasts, profiles of other risk-takers ;). My goal is for anyone that considers themselves an entrepreneur to find all my content relevant, timely, and hopefully, somewhat humorous (i need to use more pictures of man-boobs in my posts, I know).

    Also, it’s not just digg, reddit, or delicious that can cause this spike of traffic. One of my posts about GTD was linked to from 43folders, and I had 50000+ hits in one day. 15k visitors. After that first day, it didnt last long. So posts from top blogs can have the “digg” effect also.

  8. jezebel Reply

    Noah, I found your site when Godin linked to your “The Guide to Avoiding Small Talk”. Since then, I check it at least once a day, and I’ve read some of your archives. Just wanted to post here and tell you to that I’ve sent other people here or e-mailed them posts you’ve written. I enjoy your fresh point of view and your redoubtable sense of humor. Keep up the good work 🙂

  9. Douglas Karr Reply

    Hi Noah,

    I’m definitely going to follow up on my post. The hits are actually a little higher than they were before the “Digg Effect”; however, I totally agree with you! This isn’t necessarily the traffic or exposure that I would want for my blog.

    One note you forgot to mention, though, is that I’m posting my ‘tests’ on my site and being honest and open about the marketing impact. I’m not a guy that’s looking for that “ultra good feeling”, I really am trying to explore and discuss impact of social networking on marketing.

    Warmest Regards,

    PS: New stats are coming soon that show the trend after the high was over.

  10. Victoria Reply

    I belong to that 1% of returning Digg traffic that you mentioned. I feel special. Or wait. Maybe you should feel special. :p