Trend Spotting: The Dudesons

July 30, 2006 - Get free updates of new posts here

Have you seen Jackass? There is a new group in town from Finland called The Dudesons, which takes it to a new level. I think they are going to grow in popularity among the young ones and gain a huge undergound following. Pretty funny and insane stuff they are doing. Check them out on YouTube.
the dudesons

They also have a hilarious uncut video from Amazon.

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3 responses to “Trend Spotting: The Dudesons

  1. illbetheone Reply

    I’m a jackass fan, well i really love watching those guys making stupid and crazy ohh-adventures. :- p For the Dudesons, I saw their video it’s pretty hilarious and entertaining. I bet they will be the next something in the world of craziest somthing :- p I sometimes wonder why people in this world do some crazy stuff? I remember this video from clash entitled FACEPLANTORAMA where Dumb, Dumber, Dummberer where being clash.