Korean Lesson Plan: Where do You want to Go?

July 30, 2006 - Get free updates of new posts here

Making a decision by yourself is easy but what if you tried to do it with 28 people? I had to teach leadership on Saturday and I was struggling for ideas. I wanted to teach them about being a leader, listening to others and compromising. I thought of an idea that goes a little something like this:

the globe

1- Yourself. Pick a place anywhere in the world where you really want to go. Also, figure out 3 things you want to do at that location. Got a lot of great answers from the kids, from Japan, Santa Fe, New Mexico, etc…

2- Partner. Now you must agree on a place with someone else. You also have to decide what 3 things you are going to do there. Some of the answers were Africa, Canada, etc…

3- Double Up. With 4 people you have to choose and so forth. This kept happening until we had the WHOLE class, 28 people total.

The final location was…drum roll please….Germany. They wanted to try the food, check out the culture and play soccer.

Some of the things people learned were to negotiate, figure out what you really want and have someone try to organize everybody else. This last point was when one student stood up and tried to organize, summarize and get majority vote on the final location. I hope the kids like Germany:)

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3 responses to “Korean Lesson Plan: Where do You want to Go?

  1. andy Reply

    Very interesting idea, I’m sure everybody can benefit from it and be refreshed on what it means to live in a social world.

    I’ll be sure to forward this to the nice folks in the middle east (maybe a mass leafleting), you think it’ll work?

  2. syia Reply

    Great idea, in the end there are actually working as if there are in the 1 company or organisation. Maybe you can further encourage them to actually do a trip to Germany 😉