Marketing Quickie: I can't think of a catchy title but trust me this is a good read:)

July 29, 2006 - Get free updates of new posts here

I know I am posting a lot and I am sorry. Anyways, this is an idea I had a few months ago when I picked up a rental car in Seattle. What is one of the problems you get when you have a rental car?

radio stations presets

“You NEVER know what are the good stations in that new area!” 

I thought a radio company should pay money or partner with rental agencies to make the presets their own stations. It would make the driver happy, rental agency and the radio station. Why aren’t they doing this?

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8 responses to “Marketing Quickie: I can't think of a catchy title but trust me this is a good read:)

  1. syia Reply

    Maybe the rental agencies can directly partner with anyone wants to do advertisement that is gear towards products that someone new in town want to buy? For example, if I am new in town A, probably I want to know where is the best place to eat and so on

  2. Sharpshoot Reply

    You could consider that out-of-towners are more marketable because they are unfamiliar with their surroundings, hence will grab at creature comforts. A more viable business strategy would be to tack on local value-add services at a premium. Advertise local bars, pubs etc or give local discounts as “added benefits” with the car. Alternatively charge for an iTrip with the car. How many people that rent cars have iPods?

  3. Andrew Reply

    I think your idea is great for the purpose of having some preset stations but everyone has different music tastes. How would you reconcile that one? I guess you could have all different types of stations. Regardless I personally enjoy searching the radiosphere for music.

  4. noah kagan Reply

    Andrew you are right. I think the idea is more to give relevant and helpful information to any newcomer into a town. Provide them with resources to find restaurants, radio stations, etc… Seems like a decent business idea.