Noah’s Walking Theory about Vision

July 28, 2006 - Get free updates of new posts here

This is a theory I created and taught to my Korean students about different types of people. I feel like there are 3 different types of walkers in the world.


The Downer: Is a person that while they walk is always looking at their feet. They are looking at the cracks, checking every step and worried about what is happening right now.

The Head in the Air: This person loves to look at the sky, the planes, the trees and everything way out in front.

The Middler: Not sure if that is a real word but this person is looking in the middle of the road. They are paying attention to any short term cracks, looking out ahead about where they need to go and making it happen.

What kind of walker are you?

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3 responses to “Noah’s Walking Theory about Vision

  1. Derek Punsalan Reply

    Not sure if I would agree that the “Downer” is someone who is “worried about what is happening right now”. Wouldn’t the downer be more of a reserved, shy, uninterested fellow? Someone who is too scared to look up or straight ahead.