Korean Marketing: Show Your Customers The Light

July 26, 2006 - Get free updates of new posts here

This morning I was walking down the stairwell to class and the bottom floor was completely dark. What was I to do? Keep walking in fear of some taekwondo master killing me in total darkness or walk back upstairs and take the elevator.

taekwondo master

That’s him. Okay, I am a pussy and I walked up the stairs and took the elevator.

That got me thinking about showing your customers the light. If the light was on I would have easily walked out the front door and ran to my class. Because it was off I had to walk back up the stairs and wait to take the elevator back down to the first floor.

  1. Are you customers missing what you want out of your site?
  2. Are your customers finding what they are looking?
  3. Are you shining the light on where you want them to go?
  4. Are you helping them all the way to the end?
the light

Just some thoughts from a scared business teacher:)