Korean Lesson Plan Day 2: The Business

July 26, 2006 - Get free updates of new posts here

I thought you might be curious what I am teaching the Korean children. Here is what we did today.

Scrap Booking (30 minutes): The children spent 30 minutes cutting out pictures, drawing and writing what they want to be in 30 years. Pretty standard ideas: politician, journalist and world ruler.

Invention Section (1 hour):

1- Pepsi Extreme: I made up a new Pepsi drink called extreme that has extra caffeine. The children were broken up into teams of 4 and with only 1 million Won (~$1,000) they had to get as many people as possible to try out or know about the new drink. One of the more creative groups said they would create a song, post it online, email all their friends and enter them into a raffle for big prizes. These are young children so they don’t think about target markets, online marketing, viral/word of mouth, etc…

2- How to Make a Business Presentation: Tried to keep it really simple in being creative and how to think of a business:

a) What: What is the problem? What sucks during your day or task that you can make better. Talked about creating rocket boosters for my shoes since I think walking is too slow.

b) Who: Who is going to use this product? What kind of person would want this and when would they want it?

c) How: How are you going to get it to them? How are you going to reach the person you want to reach.

3- Presentation Skills: Gave a brief overview on how to be better at public speaking

a) Confidence: Know the material you are going to cover
b) Deaf: Read this at lifehack about pretending the audience is deaf and speaking loudly
c) Bullets: Never memorize, have a bullet point format of what you want to talk about
d) Statue: Don’t stand still like a statue. Walk around and show that you are alive
e) Eye: Look at every person in the room or at least glance at them

Then I had 3 children go up and give 1 minute presentations on a topic of their choice. An interesting thing about Korean culture is that they don’t like criticizing others. The children didn’t really say anything negative which I thought was interesting. The last girl to speak talked about how she was bullied in elementary school because her skin was darker. She went nearly 3 minutes and I wasn’t going to stop her. She closed her speech by saying she told her mom and the prinicipal who worked with the other children to be nice to her. It was a really powerful story that received a great applause. And for that speech the girl got the very exclusive blue card, redeemable for stationary at the end of camp:)

Tomorrow they are going to stay in groups, find a problem they have, draw/write out the solution and talk about who would use it. These students have never done business so it makes it more challenging/fun to keep it simple. If you have any ideas for class please let me know. Also, tomorrow I am giving them a speech on leadership so let me know if you have any favorites.

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4 responses to “Korean Lesson Plan Day 2: The Business

  1. mroonie Reply

    I’ve been reading your blog for a little while now and being a korean myself (who hasn’t visited korea in over 20 years), I find it absolutely fascinating what you are doing over there and applaud you for your bravery and creativity. Although I haven’t been to Korea in a long time, I am still deeply attached to the culture and the people so if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me!