Korea vs. Marketing + The Ultimate non-cheesy Ice Breaker

July 25, 2006 - Get free updates of new posts here

I was planning on writing about Marketing this week but after the unexpected trip to Korea I am not sure what you are more interested in writing about so I will do both.

Here is an awesome ice breaker I have seen many times and did it with the kids today. It is great at meeting tons of people in a non-cheesy way. I did it a few days ago at the Creative Good BBQ. Check out some interesting videos from their Gel Conference.
1- Have every single person in the room get the same size piece of paper.

2- Make them write one interesting fact about themselves. For example, mine would be: “I met Bill Gates.”

3- Collect all of them and randomly distribute them out. Now they have to go ask around and find out who’s fact they have.

4- Once they find that person, have the other person sign their name on the paper and give it back to owner.

5- Now that everybody has their own paper, go around and let everybody read off their facts.

Everyone loved this game and it should work wonders for you. What is your special fact?