Annyong: Where's Noah?

July 24, 2006 - Get free updates of new posts here

This is completely out of left field but I am now in Korea. Yes, WTF is Noah doing in Korea? A good question that I have to ask myself. I am working in a paper mill that needed an internet guru. Okay, not really, I am teaching entrepreneurship and business for 2 weeks to 12-15 year old children.

korean flag

The camp is called the 1 percent. It is a camp for only 30 kids who are gifted. It is being held at Jeju University on Jeju Island. Yes, I know you are worried I may damage the kids but have faith:) I tutor kids every Wednesday in the States and have run 2 camps in my life (Cyber Camp & Cal Camp).

Why did I do this? For a few reasons:

1) I love teaching children and being able to affect someones future.

2) I am very interested in business and entrepreneurship if you can tell from my writings.

3) A paid trip to Korea is a hard thing to pass up.

4) When will I have the chance to just leave and go do something interesting on a whim.

I have to thank my friend Dan from Demidec who hooked me up with the camp. I will be online and trying to post my adventures and other articles over the next 2 weeks. If you want anything just leave me a note in the comments.

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14 responses to “Annyong: Where's Noah?

  1. Eric A. Reply

    Hey Noah, how did you get involved in those camps? How could others get involved? I would love to do something like that in the future. Let me know.

  2. Loretta Reply

    Hey! I spent some time on Jeju Island in May… you must go to JoongMoon beach… its the only place where there is surf in Korea and that’s where all the hot guys hang out. Theres awesome windsurfing there and you can rent ATVs and explore the island on your own.
    Loretta :o)

  3. Bjorn Reply

    heard so much about their high speed broadband, tell us about it, especially their CyWorld which is so viral among their young population!

  4. noah Reply

    Thanks for the comments. No I don’t plan on coming back married Noah:)

    I am on Jeju Island which is just South of Korea so there isn’t huge broadband access out here. Working with the kids, I am learning a ton about their culture. They are so much more obedient and timid than American children. Also some of the values in their culture are different.

    It was funny how I was asked on Wednesday to go and now I am sitting in a dorm room at Jeju University.

    Eric, I will ask them about hiring other people and see what’s available for the future.


  5. paik Reply

    welcome, jeju is a bit different from the rest of korea but should be nice.

    if you come visit seoul, email me and maybe we can hook up.

    i enjoy reading your posts all the way over here in seoul.


  6. Tate Reply

    I didn’t believe you when you said “I taught business in Korea” in some of your youtube videos, until I found this blog. Your business/English lesson plans were really cool and I went ahead and adapted that to both my adult students class and kids class.

    Yup, I’m an ESL teacher in Korea trying to get some entrepreneurship going here in Korea. I’ve read your post on Tim Ferriss’s blog and I purchased lots of Appsumo products.

    Thanks for sharing your ideas and quirkiness with the world.