People Experience: The End

July 22, 2006 - Get free updates of new posts here

I hope you enjoyed the full week of my ranting on ways to make the people experience better. I wanted to highlight two more sites that are great utilities in providing a better experience.

Texttrust: Complete website spell-checker

text trust

If you are browsing a potential hire, new client or business partner website and notice a spelling error, what does that make you think? It looks unprofessional and slightly chips away at the person/company’s brand. Yes, I know I have many spelling errors and need to take my own medicine:) Regardless, Texttrust is a cool service where you submit your site, get it completely spelled checked by a machine, double checked by humans and given a full report on all the errors.

 Crazy Egg: What are your users clicking on…or not

crazy egg

Do you rely on advertising to generate income for your website? If so Crazy Egg shows you where users are clicking and what they are not. This is invaluable to see what people are really doing on your site, where you can optimize ad placement and figure out what people do on your site. The service comes with a cool heatmap service and great statistics for your site.

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4 responses to “People Experience: The End

  1. Nick Gavronsky Reply

    I enjoyed the “experience” series. Also, I think the crazyegg app sounds pretty interesting. I would definitely love to use it on my start up to get a better analysis of my traffic.

  2. LostFlier Reply

    Now that Crazy Egg thing is going to possibly explode… it’s pretty cool.

    And Circuit City lost my business two years ago when they wouldn’t take a 32 day old shredder back in the box with the receipt!

  3. Dimitry Reply

    I would also check out the new startup called ClickTale (.com).

    This will record mouse movements, clicks, scrolls, etc. A bit of a privacy issue? Perhaps, but it’s really not collecting THAT much more information that most statistic packages already do.

    Interesting thing is, a friend of mine did a private version of this just for his site and ran it for months to monitor his users. I can see it as a very good tool for companies. How are people reacting to new design? Where are the bottlenecks that confuse people. The menu perhaps? Etc.

    So right after Scott showed me some replays he had stored from few years back, I thought of doing a similar startup. To both of our surprises, he stumbled on their link not even a day later on Digg. What a shock :p

    Good post

  4. Sharpshoot Reply

    Lets not forget Google analytics. Powerful and very granular.

    Also masuremap from Adaptive Path is a simple yet powerful visualisation tool for Blog Analytics.