People Experience: Circuit Shitty

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Yes, you are getting 3 posts today. I love the ones where I suggest help for local businesses and then other online writers do the same. Some good reads are from Adam about coffee shops and James about Video stores.

In short Circuit City sucks and needs help. How many electronic stores are out there? Tons and even more if you count online. There are tons who hate them as well, why are they not listening? Here is what I suggest:

1- Learn. They have no idea about their products. Why do I ask them questions when I know they are reading off the boxes? There really is no value anymore about going to the store. The sales people know nothing. Someone teach them.

2- Play. You can’t really use anything. Let people take things home, play around, and make sure they are making a good purchase. $500 is a lot for a camera, please let me play with it longer then 14 days and then charge me for returning it.

3- Long-Term. I worked at Office Max for two years in high school so I know retail and luckily we weren’t on commission. Clearly, Circuit Shitty doesn’t. Their employees are focused on short term gains instead of long-term satisfaction. I saw them selling an old lady (not my Meemaw) a friggin Treo. If they figured out her needs and weren’t so concerned with selling the most and sold the right one they would have better customer retention and overall spending. Do store-wide commission and long-term encouragement. Measure customer satisfaction as a way of compensating, think of new ways instead of just today.

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5 responses to “People Experience: Circuit Shitty

  1. Nick Gavronsky Reply

    I completely agree. Their service is terrible. I shopped there once and will never shop there again. I bought some headphonef or my iPod there, they didnt work, and they wouldnt let me return them. I hate circuit city.

  2. trees420 Reply

    circuit city, best buy, fry’s and just about every big box retailer has these issues. they have pretty much proved themselves worthless to me since about 90% of the time i end up knowing more about the products i’m looking for than even their floor managers do.

    i can’t even go to these guys as a solution for my ‘instant gratification’ needs. case in point, i went to circuit city about 8 months ago looking for a specific iriver mp3 player and was quickly approached while browsing by one of their mp3 ‘experts’. i told him the brand and model number i was looking for and just got a blank stare and “all our players are in this section right here”. no further help and didn’t check the fucking computer to see if maybe they even stocked it. don’t act like you care about what i’m looking for and then blow me off when i’m so specific you can’t talk me into another product!!!

    that was pretty much my last straw with those places, if i need advice on products i go online. if i need something right away and can’t wait on shipping costco (great return policy! but not much selection of tech goodies) better have it or else i guess i’m just stuck waiting…

  3. Sean Tierney Reply

    agreed. Circut City blows. My horror story with them was a washing machine I bought there – it crapped out 2yrs later about a week after I received an extended warranty offer in the mail from them. I called in to exercise the offer because $200 would be way cheaper than replacing the unit and casually mentioned “wow, this is great timing on your warranty offer, it just started having problems.” The CSR immediately rescinded the offer saying they reserve the right to withdraw on a pre-existing condition. The phone conversation that ensued was hilarious. I didn’t have it then, but I now use an app on my Treo now called “CallRec” to record these calls w/ idiot CSRs. Someone needs to promote a “vigillanteAudio” tag or a site to host audio posts to expose the idiocy of some of these corporations.

  4. Jeff Reply

    O.k. here is the deal…
    I bought a GPS from Circuit City and was told that there was a 30 Day “Hassle Free� exchange policy until I actually wanted to exchange it, and then it was 19 days ( I was at 21 days.) I still can’t believe it so I called the 800 customer service line and was told no problem and that a supervisor needed to approve it and that I would get a call the next day. Well I did get a message the next day on my machine that said NO it’s 14 days to make an exchange (Only it sounded like “eschange�.)
    Here are my major complaints:
    1. I was lied to about the 30 day exchange policy. Hassles free my butt!
    2. I got three different three different answers from three different reps.
    3. The last rep I couldn’t even understand. Since I have the message I’m going to post it and see if you people can understand the person. I have to figure out how to put a sound file up.
    4. This is the first time I have had a problem with a CC purchase, but then again I never needed to exchange anything before.
    5. When I asked to speak to someone higher up I was told NO and then something in Spanish I couldn’t understand ( pretty sure it wasn’t a compliment.) I’m not sure it was even Spanish???
    I still can’t believe this happened to me. The GPS I bought isn’t bad its just different from the one I wanted and was talked out of by the sales man. I guess I am lucky I didn’t get something that was broken because you know they would have told me I was seriously screwed then.

    Here is some information that might help people in the future.

    Circuit City
    9950 Mayland Dr.
    Richmond, VA 23233

    (Drop them a note and let them know how you like their work?)

    If you want to call my customer rep and see if I am making this up?-Feel free.

    1-800-251-2665 hit zero then extension 21639.

    Her name was Magda something. I couldn’t quite understand her. Call her and see if you can make out a single word.
    If someone knows how to put a sound file on this web site and you want a laugh email me at and we’ll share it with the world.

  5. anonymous Reply

    I work at one of these retail stores. I gotta agree, sometimes customers come in knowing more stuff about the product then the sales associate. But most of the time thats not the case. I’d say the associate has a broader scope of knowledge of the products in the store than does a customer. this is the case unless a customer is asking about a certain specific item. the Reason being, a) these days, many of the customers do their research on one or two specific items they are interested in and b) if the store doesnt have it, most associates dont bother to read up on it. For example, if Associate A did not have any canon printers in the store, he probably will not now how fast it prints, and what quality pictures it can print. It does not help him make any sales.

    I have to say, ive been confused out of my mind several times when people call the store to ask questions. For example they call in and ask “I need a laptop battery, and gives me an assortment of letters and numbers.” If you were a cars sales man and I gave you the serial number in the car you probably wouldnt noe either. BUT!!! if i said honda Civic Si, that will now ring a bell. heh.