People Experience: Explaining your Company

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If you are trying to decide whether or not you want to work at a company, think about this.

“How would you feel explaining your company to a girl/guy at a bar?”

Just think about it…

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6 responses to “People Experience: Explaining your Company

  1. Nick Gavronsky Reply

    For some reason or another, I have always been really excited about explaining where I work (such as my internships and the one I currently have). Sometimes I find I get too excited. I just talking about business.

    But I guess if you are at a bar, you shouldnt really be boring a chick with too much chit chat about your work.

  2. Noah Winecoff Reply

    I work for a “Payment Solutions” company that basically provides everything in the eCommerce/Payment industry, but I just tell people I work for a Financial firm. They can grasp that better and I don’t get those nods of “Oh ok I really don’t understand, but I’m going to nod my head anyways and say ‘Oooh ok'”.

  3. Laura Allen Reply

    What I have found over the past few years of paying close attention to how people describe what they do for a living (for my business)is a few variations of how people answer this question:

    1. My day job is working as a project manager, but I really hate that so I usually just talk about what I’m doing on the side which is training to become a holistic health counselor


    2. I really can’t narrow it down to one thing. I do a bunch of different things. For example, I’ve worked in P.R., Marketing, and advertising and now I’m interested in finding something in technology. I call this the “Jack of All Trades Pitch” and find that it gets that head nodding but not really understanding look that Noah mentions. I’m trying to figure out a polite way of introducing a concept like “The Passion Pitch” where people can just talk about what they WANT to do instead of what they do to pay the rent.

  4. joe Reply

    funny you should mention this. there was a guy wringing my ear off at the bar last night who couldn’t stop talking about what he did and some ‘business ventures’ he was planning. the guy was so far into his soliloquy about why he had trouble with the city in securing the location – for what, exactly, i can’t even remember – that he didn’t notice me yawning. bo-ring.

  5. Nick Gavronsky Reply

    Yeah joe, you gotta be careful not to bore people. But then again, if you work for a really “cool” company such as apple, facebook, google etc, then I think people will be a lot more interested in what you have to say

  6. Sri Reply

    This reminds me of the AD on Las Vegas where the guy tells the girls the various made up occupations…

    Girl: I bet it gets lonely out there
    Guy: At least I have the dolphins..

    So I guess talking about your job and what you do is integral in the dating scene….

    Im sure it helps to have a cool job..but I think when you are talking about your job, always have a funny story to tell about something that happened at work, otherwise it will just sound boastful.