People Experience: What's up with Apple?

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It is unbelievable the amount of love and community around Apple Computers. Recently, a couple approached me in an airport and chatted for 15 minutes just cause they saw my Mac laptop. So many people praise their user experience, product simplicity and overall kickassness. I agree with it for the most part but let me highlight some recent issues with them.

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1- Why do I have to download iTunes just to get QuickTime Movie viewer?

I know my friend Andrew has the same problem. Luckily if you just want QuickTime here is the link:

2- Why do I have to download all 33mb of iTunes to get the new version?

Do we have to download all of Windows everytime a new update is needed? What were they thinking?

3- Why did Apple create the new MacBook Pro that got all yellowy when used, refused to fix it and then conceded to?

Derek has the whole scoop.

Apple is definitely a great company but there is always room for improvement. Even though these may seem small, any experience that sucks for the people hurts your company just a little bit more. It can’t last forever so try to make it the best.

Bonus: Have you seen those great Mac vs. Windows commercials? Rohit linked to this great parody video.

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6 responses to “People Experience: What's up with Apple?

  1. Paul McEnany Reply

    Apple is so friggin’ close to taking a huge fall. The product quality issues have been a problem, and they’re on the verge of a serious cool wearout. And you know that guy that always talks about how cool he is, welll, that usually means he’s a fucking dork, and that’s Apple right now. I’ve heard enough of them telling me how cool they are.

  2. Dimitry Reply

    That’s highly unlikely…

    New iPod Nanos are coming soon, same with new iWork package and how about those super powerful desktops of theirs? Those are going to come out soon as well. With all that scheduled within next few quarters, I highly doubt Apple will take a dive.

    As to the main topic, I think you contradicted yourself in your first point. You don’t HAVE to download iTunes to get Quicktime, obviously there’s that link to prove that. Reason they do it is to promote iTunes and that makes perfect strategic sense.

    I do agree that Apple’s QA needs more work. I think with a huge expansion lately, that department hasn’t really kept up with the growth. Then again, hopefully with the mistake they made with the new white MacBook (not the Pro ones, those are metal) they will learn a lesson for the future.


  3. Noah Brier Reply

    I hate those Apple commercials myself. I don’t want to be the prick Mac guy who thinks he’s that much cooler than the PC guy. Argh, they drive me crazy. (Working on an entry all about it, just haven’t gotten it done yet.)

  4. noah Reply


    It may seem contradictory but the problem was I couldn’t find that link to download Quicktime. It is bundled with iTunes and not something easy to find so I wanted to provide it for whoever needs it. Bundling is good for them and bad for us.

  5. Sri Reply

    AAPL just posted solid earnings!!! Dammit…i sold apple a few days back for 52.50!!!! The pain…

    Instead I banked on losers such as Intel and Yahoo. The pain!!

    Apple must be doing something right!

    There might be other, better music players out there…but honestly speaking….people are buying Ipod’s for the cool factor.

    Design + marketing + Pioneer is helping apple in a BIG WAY.

    As frugal as I am, I do not want to purchase a comparable mp3 player. I want an IPOD…and thats it. Why? Because somehow it is ingrained in my mind that Ipod is the MP3 player and all other players are wannabe’s.

    This is the same mentality I have coming from an Asian country. Everyone buys a Mercedes to announce to the world that they have made it. not a lexus, not a bmw, not a lincoln….but a mercedes. So as soon as I could afford a used mercedes, I bought one….this wasnt the wisest decision because I could have bought the top of the line Accord, Camry, comparable american cars which would have given me better peace of mind and resale value.

    So frugality is lost when it comes to sentiments + ingrained behavior.

    In summary:
    What sells? Design+Marketing+(being a)Pioneer
    What buys? Sentiments+Ingrained behavior